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Improved understanding of the European occupation of

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European solidarity with the Palestinians demonstrating against the policies of Israel (Reuters - Archive)

A recent poll showed a radical shift in perceptions of Israel as a European, as well as a significant change in their outlook about the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the latest opinion poll included seven thousand European citizen of Germany, France, Spain and Italy, the Netherlands and Britain, showed that a small proportion of Europeans do not exceed 10% believe that their support for Israel without the Palestinians, while more than 39% said that their countries should not do.

The survey found high awareness and understanding of the nature of the conflict, where he managed 49% of the respondents to identify Israel as the occupier of Palestinian lands,while 22% said they do not know.

The results show the increasing case of rejection and condemnation of Israeli policies and the policies that became known as discrimination and lack the legitimacy to dye, asdescribed 58% of respondents to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip as a loss of legitimacy, while only 16% saw them as illegal.

Although covered by the respondents felt that the Israeli and Palestinian sides had committed errors, 31% of the Palestinians considered the party of the victim, compared with 6% saw Israel in this way.
A third of respondents said they do not consider Israel a democratic state, and 65% saidthey do not treat all religious groups equally, compared to only 13% thought so.

In the face of the European Union's decision in 2003, to develop the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on the list of terrorist organizations, and excluded from anydiscussions or negotiations, 45% supported the inclusion of Hamas peace talks.

There was no agreement, only 25% of the respondents with the decision of the European Union.

It is interesting that a poll conducted by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research recentlyshowed that 52% of British Jews support negotiating with Hamas to reach the goals of peace.

In the results reflect the discrepancy between the positions of government policies and the views of the European peoples, 58% of those surveyed said they oppose changing the laws in order to facilitate the visit of some of those accused of war crimes of Israel.

A poll conducted by the Media Group at the University of Glasgow in 2004 showed thatonly 9% of students in British universities they know that Israel occupies Palestinian Eradaillegally, while 11% of them said that the Palestinians who are occupying Israeli land.

Source: Al Jazeera

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