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Republican race for the selection of a rival Obama

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Continued intense competition within the U.S. Republican Party on the party's candidate, who will face Democratic President Barack Obama, who aspires to win a second term in presidential elections scheduled for November next.
In the state of Iowa competing armies of volunteers in the campaigns of Republicans knock on doors, make phone calls to voters to win the largest possible number of people of the state to attend a meeting of the electoral college of the party where there will take the first step towards the selection of the candidate.
Polls have shown a previous opinion that the billionaire and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney lead contender for the Republican nomination.
And deliver a Romney - which some see as a moderate despite the tightening of the tone of his speech in recent months - the difficulty in winning the right within the party he belongs to the Mormons in the past, which was considered an impediment to attracting a very conservative Christians.
Occupies Rep. Ron Paul - The candidate who adheres to individual liberties, which opposes all forms of assistance or military intervention abroad - second place, according to opinion polls.
The Texas Governor Rick Perry - who shares falling rapidly - it is betting on the religious conservatives in Iowa to revitalize the national campaign.
He was critical of Romney's remarks wounds rival Ron Paul yesterday, saying "I do not think that Ron Paul represents the mainstream of Republican thought on the issues, especially in the field of foreign policy."
In the face of Republicans, Obama carries the weight of the economic crisis and high unemployment. But he ended the year 2011 to pay the Republicans to agree to a tax agreement, achieving victory was unexpected in light of coexistence, which forced him by his opponents since he got the majority in the House of Representatives in late 2010.

Source: Agencies

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