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Fish oil cure for the type of leukemia

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A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania that a vehicle derived from the components of fish oil may help to achieve a full recovery of the types of leukemia(leukemia).

The study indicated that a compound derived from a component of fish oil has showneffectiveness in eliminating the major producing cells of the tumor cells in mice infected with chronic myeloid leukemia.

The disease is one of the tumors of blood cancer that affects mostly adults at the stage ofmiddle age, where the patient suffers in the early stages of the general symptoms Kaltabweight loss, loss of appetite, but with the progression of the disease noticed swelling in the spleen and lymph nodes, may also become infected patient Baahob and appearssusceptible to bleeding.
Gene p53
According to the results published by "regular blood" have shown laboratory experimentscarried out on rats that the compound "Delta -12 prostaglandin Jay 3", which is produced from a fatty acid omega-3 found in fish and fish oil called "no. Me. No," target cells formajor producing cancer cells in the spleen and bone marrow, it activates the gene, "my53" where an entrepreneur for programming the death of those cells.
In a report recently released by the University of Pennsylvania on its website, said a specialist in the field of immunology and toxicology molecular Dr. Sandeep Prabhu that thegene, "my 53" is one of the genes inhibitory of the tumors, and regulates the cell's response to damage to DNA, "de. That. No," It also maintains the stability of the genetic material.

He pointed out that the killing of cells for major producing white blood cells of cancer is an important step in eliminating the disease, since these cells have the ability to divide andproduce more tumor cells, as well as it gives the head of the producer cells like it.

He noted researcher from the university that research conducted in the past on the fattyacids showed the presence of health benefits to consumption of these compounds for the heart and arteries, and the evolution of the brain particularly in infants.

The study concluded that some of these compounds derived from omega-3 fatty acidshave the ability to kill cells, the main producers of cancerous blood cells in mice, with acheck for the full recovery of these organisms and the emergence of cancer does not return again.


Source: The Jerusalem Press

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