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Messi the best athlete for 2011, according to "L'Equipe"

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ميسي أفضل رياضي لعام 2011 بحسب ليكيب

Won the Barcelona star Lionel Messi as the "sports year" award, which is obtained from the newspaper "L'Equipe" French.

Messi and the superiority of the Serbian Novak Djokovic tennis player who won numeroustitles including more than a Grand Slam.

Argentine international got 807 points, 108 points for Djokovic, and far came in third placedriver, Formula One, the German Sebastian Vettel, who received 255 points.

Did not come to any football player last in the list of the Top 10, which contained their players to other sports, water skiing, judo, the rally with a famous name is Sebastien Loeband basketball with a famous last name is German Dirk Nowitzki, then rugby and cycling.

Source: Gul. Com Arabic version

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