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Poverty causes social unrest in Germany

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Khaled Schmidt - Berlin

The report warned annual Union of Charitable Societies of the German social unrest in the country because of the steady rise in numbers of citizens at risk of poverty.

He believed the Union, which includes ten of thousands of the working areas ofhumanitarian assistance and social development in Germany, that the arrival of citizens at risk of poverty rates of 14.5% demonstrates that the development are you talking about the government for years did not reach all segments of society.

The report stated that the decline in unemployment in the official data did not lead todecreased numbers of the population at risk of poverty, because most new jobs are low wages do not meet basic life needs.

He said that 12 million transformation of the country's population - about the estimated 82 million - threatened to poverty, reflecting the transformation of this scourge to the economicand social reality is affecting many community groups.

Boiling cauldron
The report also pointed out that the groups threatened by poverty - according to EU standards - are the ones who have monthly income of less than 60% of the averageincome of the year. He said that individuals at risk of poverty according to this classification are income is less than 826 euros per month, while becoming a familyconsisting of father, mother and two children under the age of 14 years is threatened by poverty if less monthly income of 1735 euros.

And semi-Director General of the Union of Charitable Societies Ulrich Schneider GermanRuhr industrial area west of the country, "Bmrgel boiling," and warned that the region isinhabited by five million people are most vulnerable to the generality of Germany to the risk of social unrest as a result of widening the scope of which are threatened by poverty.

Report, for example and hit the cities of Dortmund and the Ruhr area Deusburg incidents, and noted that the poverty rate rose first in the city between 2005 and 2011, from 18.6% to 23% and from 17.5% to 21% per second.

The report explained that the rates of groups threatened with poverty reached its peakduring the current year mandates of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (24%) and Brementhreatened bankruptcy (21.4%) and Saxony (19.8%) and Berlin (19.1%). He pointed outthat these rates have fallen sharply in the industrial states of the South reached (7.5%) andin Bavaria (11%) in Baden-Württemberg and (12.1) in Hesse.

Invitation of the GovernmentThe report warned of the Union of charities that poverty has spread in Berlin between 2005 and 2010 spread at record rates than the rest of the German states and cities, and in turn pointed out that the area surrounding the state capital and the country's Eastern States during the same period witnessed a decline in numbers at risk of poverty.
The report concluded to hold the government and its social responsibility to the spread of poverty among the citizens, and the deterioration of the alternatives available to the unemployed for long periods.
The President invited the German Charity Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to confront the reality revealed by the report of the Union, and increased social benefits the public budget by twenty billion euros per year.
And raise the monthly allowances for social security recipients (Hearts 4), unemployment, and the imposition of high taxes on wealth, property and inheritance huge. "
For its part, considered Goletsa Rep. Diana parliament (Bundestag) on ​​the opposition Left Party, has been shown that the report reflected the abandonment of some of Merkel's government for its policy of economic social justice.
Goletsa criticized - in a statement received Jazeera Net a copy of it - abandon the current government to make laws for minimum wage and reducing the social benefits and unemployment assistance, housing assistance and reduction and the elimination of the financial grant to the parents of those who receive social security benefits.

Source: Al Jazeera

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