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In 2011 .. Israel released 1,050 Palestinian prisoners .. 3312 and arrested others!

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In the time left in which five Palestinian prisoners in exchange deal entered into by the recent Hamas with Israel brokered by Egypt which released 1,050 Palestinian prisoners, was in the year 2011 is the least arrests among the Palestinians since the al-Aqsa intifada, Israel, where they arrested 3312 Palestinians. The prisoners' affairs specialist researcher Nasser Ferwana that the arrests are the lowest since the outbreak of the Intifada in 2000. The Ferwana's "Arab. Net" was recorded 3312 arrests by the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians, and released from 113 of them only, while keeping the rest under arrest. "The number of arrested by Israel of Palestinians for the year 2011, about 9 individuals per day, by 276 arrests per month. and live prisoners during the winter the worst periods of detention, as to prevent the Israeli prison authorities to enter clothing and bedding to detainees by their relatives. The Ferwana that all arrests in the past year 2011 was one of the West Bank and Jerusalem. He said, "all of the West Bank, except for 38 cases arrests from the Gaza Strip, some of the fishermen were arrested at sea or patients or escorts for patients detained on Beit Hanoun - Erez, which links the Gaza Strip, the territory of the 48-m. "exposed Palestinian detainees to various forms of psychological torture and physical abuse, but the arrests themselves become daily phenomenon in the West Bank in particular, which are still occupied by Israel and establish on its territory outposts. and saw a specialist researcher in the affairs of the prisoners that the danger is that the arrests "had nothing to do necessarily security, even according to the laws of occupation unjust, but it has become daily phenomenon and motives of revenge and mood, and become behavior per day for each of the works in the Israeli security establishment, despite the calm that witnessed the West Bank and Jerusalem, occupied. "According to studies and research that Israel has arrested about 800 thousand Palestinians since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in 1967. But the years of the first intifada were more stage is arrested the Palestinians. Ali Abu Foul, captive editor of the second phase of the prisoner exchange deal recently, the situation of Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons-polar too. He's "Arab. net" "must release all the prisoners in every way and means which have been legitimized international laws. "He believed that prisoners Abu Foul patients who suffer the most in those prisons. He told" the Arab Net "" those in need of a true integrated health care. Not to give them painkillers and medicines false, and they suffer from serious illnesses and chronic. "Stressed Ferwana that the Israeli arrests of Palestinians are" contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law in terms of the forms and conditions of detention, in addition to the practices of the various right of detainees and places of detention. "And called for the researcher in charge of the affairs of the prisoners to move the internationalhard to support and support for prisoners on all levels and levels, noting that the violations and repressive measures against the prisoners and prisoners in occupation jails and prisons have seen a serious escalation

Source: Constitution

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