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Is diminished prestige of America's nuclear weapons?

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Said American writer Norman Augustine, it appears that the United States is losing its prestige in the light of the expansion of nuclear Iran to enrich uranium and pressing aheadwith its nuclear ambitions, in addition to the spread of reactors in the developing world in general.

The Augustine - the retired chairman of Lockheed Martin Corp. - to what he described asthe economic crisis ravaging the country and thus its impact on the federal budget, he said that budgetary problems in turn contribute to undermine the leading role of leadership for the future of U.S. nuclear.

The developing countries around the world - and say to the writer - is experiencingwidespread nuclear facilities, but not racing to build dozens of nuclear reactors, claimingto meet the growing demands for energy.

The United States - says the writer who was a member of the Presidential AdvisoryCouncil for Science and Technology in the era of former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - it's for economic reasons, perhaps on the verge of losing its leadership role in the nuclear field.

The leading roleThe writer in his article published by The Washington Times reported that the loss of the United States for its leading role of nuclear in turn is reflected in the weakening of the country's nuclear security, but does not weaken the U.S. ability to provide the power and the ability to inhibit the spread of nuclear weapons in the world in general.

He also noted that there are nearly sixty nuclear reactor under construction in various parts of the world, and many of them are created in developing countries, while China - and say to the writer - it is planning to upgrade its nuclear capacity of nine gigawatts to two hundred by the year 2030.
He said that the GCC is also heading into a nuclear scientist, and thus raise its nuclear capacity from zero to fifty gigawatts by 2030, and that there are 329 of the nuclear reactors currently operating in other parts of the world.

He pointed out that nuclear reactors around the world need of course to the fuel that is industry by enriching uranium, adding that the uranium enrichment technology itself can be controlled to produce nuclear weapons, and here lies the great disaster, in light of the occurrence of this technology in the hands of countries such as Iran and North Korea .
World PeaceAugustine said that the United States has been leading since the start of the nuclear age, and it used its nuclear capabilities in the areas of peace and power supply, power generation and heating.

While the United States has maintained - and say to the writer - for world peace through the power of nuclear deterrence, the so-called descent, probably the sun power the U.S. to produce nuclear fuel will leave negative repercussions on the American principles of peaceful use of nuclear energy or as a weapon of deterrence itself.

Source: The Washington Times

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