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Medical report condemning the "military" Egypt

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The medical report shows that most of the deaths due to gunshot wounds (Reuters)

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Said the Chief Medical Examiner in Egypt that most of the 13 dead in recent clashes with the army in Cairo, died of gunshot wounds. One died in detention because of trauma to the head.
The report of the doctor's charity Camille Jorge doubts about the junta's insistence that no live rounds, called on the demonstrators, despite video footage showing soldiers deployed by firing of guns on the demonstrators.
Georgi said that one of the dead, died in custody within the South Cairo Court before the trial. The cause of death was a head wound caused internal bleeding. He added that only ten of the dead, they took a anatomy so far.
According to the Ministry of Health in Egypt, the riot police used sticks and stones and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators throughout the night and into Tuesday morning, in a continuation of the violence that left 13 people dead since Friday.
These were the clashes put pressure on the junta after the face of liberals and Islamists criticized for poor handling of the Council of the phase transition.
Great peopleIn Tahrir Square in Cairo, said doctors who are present field that four people were killed last night while the Ministry of Health official television that there was no mortality and the four persons were wounded only.
The eyewitness told the French news agency that a child in the 14 treated at the field hospital of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Commenting on the exciting scenes of anger from striking women and Shhin, crossed theU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed sympathy with them and Egypt accusedof letting down after the revolution, women and condemned the stripping and beatingprotesters, describing it as something disgusting.

The language of the leaders of Egypt accused the powerful neo-abusing women in the streets and in politics since the revolution overthrow Mubarak.

Clinton said, "This systematic humiliation of Egyptian women insult the revolution anddistort the reputation of the state and the uniform and it is worthy of the great people."

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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