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2011 a record of natural disasters .. Losses and $ 350 billion

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Drew one of the Swiss insurance companies that in 2011 a record of natural disasters or those caused by the human.
A report by the insurance company «Swiss Re» that the losses caused by natural disasters in 2011 reached 350 billion dollars, while the bill for these disasters rose to 108 billion dollars to 48 billion dollars in 2010.
Been classified in Japan quake, which killed about 30 thousand people that «the greatest disaster in the world» in 2011. The report pointed out that this year is the year the second most expensive for the uninsured after 2005, which reached the amount of insurance $ 123 billion because of the many hurricanes that swept the world. He said the company's chief economist Kurt Karl said that «2011 will remain in people's memory for another year, with disastrous results experienced earthquakes expensive».
And natural disasters happened there is nothing wrong in 2011, floods in Australia, China, Brazil, and the earthquake in Turkey led to the death of more than 1000 people, and storms that swept the United States, and the tsunami in Japan resulted in the death of 20 thousand people, it is possible to describe this year Palmosawi for public events .
And broke in 2011 in the United States record of climate-related disaster that the cost of damage, each billion dollars and the failure of dozens of victims, under a lot of hurricanes, floods, snow and the occurrence of drought and high heat and flammable forest fires, the United States experienced during this year's most weather-related disasters that caused the damage of one billion dollars of which at least, than was the case throughout the eighties decade.
Has added the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States two of the disaster to the list, bringing the total number so far to 12 disaster, the two forest fires in the states of Texas and New Mexico and Arizona, and hurricanes and bad weather in the middle of June last, the Department uses the standard losses of one billion dollars to describe the worst weather disasters.
And claimed the bad weather this year in the United States killed more than a thousand people, according to Jack Hayes, Director of the National Weather Service, and has reached the cost of weather-related disasters that leave one of them damaged the value of ten billion dollars to 52 billion dollars.
The record of the year by one of the number of disasters that link the cost of damage to one billion dollars of which was nine disasters, and that was in 2008.
Said Hayes, an expert in the field of meteorology since 1970, he had not seen in years of severe climate of extremism, such as the year 2011, describing it as «the deadly and destructive and cruel».
It may not stop the total number of climate-related disaster this year at 12 disaster only, where officials are still residing damage «Storm Lee tropical» The snowstorm in the north-east before the rejoicing saints «Halloween», which reached the cost of damage to one of them to $ 750 million, and still There are days before the expiration of this year. The scientists gave the blame on bad luck associated with occurrence of a rise in global temperatures, noting that even with the expected increase for a long time in very bad weather due to climate change caused by human intervention, in 2011 was the more aggressive and virulent than they expected.
Years have seen a higher total cost of the damage caused by the disaster and one of the giant kind, such as Hurricane «Katrina» in 2005, and drought in 1988.
It was announced by U.S. President Barack Obama that the areas hit by the storm «Irene» Tropical North Carolina and New York City areas are «major disasters». Such an assessment would allow both states to obtain additional funds from the federal budget for relief and rescue efforts. Obama had occurred prior to that urgent decisions to facilitate access to assistance to other states, including Vermont.
And caused the powerful storm killed about 40 people and caused major damage so far worth about ten billion dollars, and forced local authorities to close New York City as a whole.
The «tsunami» swept Japan after the earthquake to the hundreds of dead and missing, and caused the outbreak of fires and the closure of all ports in March 2011.
The Japanese media have been found between 200 and 300 bodies on the shore of Sendai in Miyagi prefecture, northeast Japan, after the passage of tsunami (tsunami) caused by the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale, DC area, and authorities estimated the number of damaged houses from this disaster in 1200 the house, sources had said earlier that at least 90 people were killed and hundreds more missing, and fires raged in dozens of sites, including the nuclear plant, and Japan has decided to close a lot of airports, factories, and all ports.
The media reported that a ship carrying a hundred people in the tsunami washed away the Miyagi prefecture (northeast Japan), without giving information about the fate of the passengers, also announced the agency «Kyodo» Japanese news that the train passengers were in the same area.
And the height of the tsunami to ten meters removed in the process dozens of buildings, vehicles and facilities in areas of northeast Japan. The tsunami hit the coast of Hawaii, U.S. authorities sent planes and ships to the outskirts of the Miyagi region most affected, according to the media. The television pictures showed the Japanese scale of the devastation caused to areas adjacent to the coast of cars and houses washed away and fires a huge pillar of power.
The agency announced «Kyodo» stopped, land and air transportation, trains in much of the country, as well as power outages in large parts of the country. And stopped air traffic at the airport «Narita» on the outskirts of the capital, the largest in the archipelago, where the men inspect the relief runways, and in Tokyo, located at a distance of about 380 km buildings shook for two minutes at least, the population rushed into the streets.
The Ministry of Civil Affairs in China in November (November) past natural disasters that hit the Asian giant during the past year 2011 has left more than 9 million displaced people have lost their homes.
The ministry said in a statement that in the past year, the 9.1 million people lost their homes due to floods, earthquakes and landslides in various parts of the country, pointing out that these centers are currently living in camps and shelters.
She reports that these disasters have led to the destruction of 853 thousand homes, and damaged more than three million others, pointing out that the economic cost of these disasters reached $ 47 billion. Liu said Benjie, Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs, and that his ministry together with the Ministry of Finance has allocated half a million dollars to help those affected to cope with winter.
In China in July last killing 35 people, including two foreigners, and wounded 210 others injured in train collision in east China, in what was described as the deadliest train disaster since 2008.
The high-speed train stalled on the bridge because of power outages as a result of lightning eastern Zhejiang Province (1380 kilometers south of Beijing) when it was hit by a second train, which led to the fall of four train cars, according to the New China News Agency. The incident occurred at about at 20:50 local time and the city of Wenzhou in eastern Zhejiang Province. The agency said the stalled express train hit Balsaakh directly, while the media reported that another bolt hit the track and not the train. Each cart can accommodate one hundred passengers, according to the Agency. He said the regional office of the foreign emergency were also killed in the incident, and said «Chaana News Service», a semi-official news agency, that one girl in her twenties. The rescuers that they are still looking for survivors in an attempt to reach the train cars at the bottom of the bridge.
The incident has sparked new questions about the safety of the rail network growing rapidly in China, which comes less than a month to launch new lines of train speed between Beijing and Shanghai (1300 km), has ordered the Minister of Transport, Cheng Guangzhou undertake «to achieve deep» the causes of the accident .
The lines express trains are booming in China and is expected to increase in length of 8358 km this year to 13 thousand kilometers in 2012 and 16 thousand km in 2020.
The death toll from the earthquake that struck eastern Turkey to 595 people, the end of October (November) the past, with the end of the search for victims under the rubble, and the use of bulldozers to remove the rubble. The site and the unit dealing with emergencies under the chairmanship of Minister said 4,150 people were injured in the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 degrees on the Richter scale, as confirmed by the end of the search and rescue operations in downtown Van, quoted channel «CNN - Leave» Find a Doctor Turkish saying: «non- now likely, God, unless a miracle occurs, find the rubble alive in this cold weather ». He urged the Deputy Prime Minister Bashir Atalay Turks to donate clothes, winter for those who are now living tents after the destruction of their homes, according to reports that the problem is the lack of tents and the need for heating with low temperatures in the region to below zero, and health officials warned in Arges survivors from drinking tap water with drinking water network damaged during the earthquake and then the possibility of contamination by sewage, according to the Anatolia news agency.
He promised the Minister of Urban Planning Berkir Erdogan to provide new housing in the van by September 2012 for those displaced by the earthquake, with the provision of temporary housing units are ready. Many are still living in tents or temporary shelters with fear of the collapse of more buildings by the aftershocks, while more rain and snow from their suffering, and some have sought to rent places to live, but the rental rates have increased with the use of property owners to the plight of the survivors of the disaster.
In October she Inglak Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra for fear that floods completely submerged in downtown Bangkok which began to suffer from scarcity of drinking water as well.
Have been invited residents of the capital's 12 million people to prepare since the days of rain coming from the north, but they seemed confused amid the contradictory statements made by the authorities between caution and calls for calm. The Chief of the government for fear that the dams do not continue to contain the massive amounts of water that flooded the north of the country several weeks ago, said: «I am optimistic that the fifty per cent of central Bangkok will be submerged completely». The Prime Minister considered that «the worst-case scenario could lead to flooding in some places of the capital under a meter or more of water», pointing out that «Bangkok floods will last between two weeks to a month before it flows into the sea».
After the issuance of a warning to the people of the views of the river increased concern in the capital, and residents rushed to store water and food supply.
With the increasing panic among residents, officials decided on a large market in central Bangkok, the rationalization of selling it so that the buyer does not get more than one bag of rice and egg-box. And supply quantities run out of bottled water.
With the approach of high waves in the Gulf of Thailand, said Sri Subaratned Director, Center for Climate Change and Disasters at the University of Rangesat The extent of the steadfastness of the barriers that will determine the fate of the city. He said: «in the worst odds in the case of the collapse of all barriers, all parts of Bangkok submerged in water or another».
It is difficult to give a figure for economic losses, but the central bank adjusted its forecast to grow 3.1 percent this year after the expected rate of 4.1 per cent earlier this month. He expected the Minister of Finance, a growth rate of two percent.
The floods killed 297 people since late July, and caused losses amounting to three billion dollars. And flooded third of the country, but officials believe that the interior of the low-Bangkok will survive the flood waters after the strengthening of dams and canals.
The general said Punjsabat Punjcherwin spokesman crisis center went to the police was held at Don Muang airport in the city: «the operations of the government are going well ... For the current water level is fine, it is certainly true that water will not flood the Bangkok ».
The floods destroyed Ayutthaya provinces and Batom Tani and Nakhon Sawan to the north of Bangkok. The floods swept away homes and forced a series of massive industrial zones on the closures, including the Bang Pa in Ayutthaya where, according to «Reuters».
The flooded area is the other industrialized Factory Land in Ayutthaya, which is of 93 factories employing 8,500 employees.
Produces most of the factories spare parts and electronic components for cars, which will increase the problems of the world's major companies that use Thailand as a center of production in the region. The media said Taalandah that about 600 soldiers and workers from an industrial area in the territory of Batom Tani to the north of Bangkok, working throughout the day to reinforce dams and diverting water. The most affected areas are those located in the north and northeast and central Thailand, and exposed Bangkok - which does not exceed height of most of its territory for two meters of sea level - to the risk of flood water dams in the north and the high level of Chao Phraya river, which passes through the city with high population density. And sought Prime Minister Shinawatra Angelok to reassure residents of the capital's 12 million that they will be safe, but residents continue to store bottled water and ready-made pasta, rice, canned goods, leading to free some of the stores of goods. In November 2011 killed at least nine people and wounded 200 others in the Sultanate of Oman, after the invasion of the country's tropical storm, causing damage worth $ 50 million at least, as announced Omani officials.
Has accompanied the storm, which began with heavy flooded waters of many parts of the country which led to the evacuation of 60 patients from two hospitals by helicopters to the government, and the closure of two hospitals, the total water levels in some areas, about 1.8 meters, according to «Reuters».
Witnesses confirmed that the rain water that flooded the main highway washed away by car, even some leaders of the cars and stood on the roofs of their cars so as not to Ngrgahm water. In last year's cyclone hit Oman «Fit» and killed about 50 people in different parts of the Sultanate. In December (December), the current has hundreds of people drowned after a boat less passengers than cargo of immigrants from the Middle East towards Australia on Saturday evening off the Indonesian island of Java. The head of emergency management, transportation and logistics center in the disaster in East Java magic of those who know: «It is not only saving 76 people of between 380 were on board the boat. In the Philippines, the International Committee of the Red Cross the death toll from the floods that swept the island of Mindanao exceeded 700 people, while preparing the affected cities to mass burials of the bodies did not file a request ».
The ICRC estimated death toll from flash floods caused by Tropical Storm «The Ashe» that swept the region in mid-month, about 713 people, while the Council said disaster control in the Philippine government that the number 662, and 82 missing.
He said the Red Cross more than 500 people missing, down significantly from their estimates of the loss of 900 people, but government officials expect to decrease this number after further checks, and most of the dead were from the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Alegan coastal areas, which were held on the river systems overflowed when heavy rains during the 24 hours is equal to the amount falling during the month.
And usually avoids the affected area, about 899 km from Manila, the hurricanes that hit the Philippines every year, and ignore the residents of coastal warnings, and killed most of the victims while they sleep when they swept the mud houses, weak structure, said Benito Ramos, the Council of disaster control, most victims are «informal settlers», a term used for people who are taking home is not registered in government records, making it difficult to determine the number of slum dwellers ». And appealed to the Philippine government and the Philippine Red Cross to provide aid to provide food and clothing for more than 35 thousand people crammed into shelters, while soldiers struggled to recover bodies amid the mud.
Authorities and compared the storm «The Ashe» Hurricane «Ketsana», which flooded a large part of Manila and other parts of the country in 2009, killing more than 460 people. The United States and Britain condolences to the Philippines. The army, which continued to deploy 20 thousand troops to withdraw the bodies buried under the huge amounts of mud. Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Jesse Deluza: «The rescue forces of the army recovered 92 bodies in the city of Cagayan de Oro».
And the sinking of at least 40 others in the floods that swept the city Olegan, while five were killed in the collapse of the land in the town of Moncayo in the province of Compostela Valley, according to the Office of Civil Defense. The sinking of three people in the town of Polanco in the territory of Zamboanga del Norte.
The Executive Director of the Office of Civil Defense Benito Ramos: «The rescue teams were sent to search 260 Olegan missing in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and the southern Philippines». He noted that the search teams rescued more than 400 people in two cities, according to Agence France-Presse.
The President Benigno Aquino III on concerns over the rising death toll, officials and students to provide all assistance to the affected areas.
And Tropical Storm «The Ashe» southern Mindanao region, causing heavy rains led to high water levels in many rivers. As two powerful hurricanes hit last September the Philippines - which hit a year nearly twenty storm - which led to the fall of at least one hundred people.

Source: London: Middle East

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