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Barjtan articulate the two American Hormuz

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 Navy announced that two U.S. Barjtin crossed the Strait of Hormuz without problems, despite the escalation of warnings between the United States and Iran, which threatened to close this strategic waterway in the event of new UN sanctions over its nuclear program.

A spokesman for the U.S. Fifth Fleet Rebecca Ribarrich The aircraft carrier "USS JohnStennis," and barge rocket launcher "USS Mobile Bay" has "crossed the predeterminedroutine Strait of Hormuz Tuesday."

He did not refer to any U.S. military tension with Iranian naval forces, despite the high toneof words between Tehran and Washington in recent days. Ribarrich confirmed that their contacts with the Iranian navy conducted in accordance with the traditions of professionalmarine usual.

For its part, quoted by the official Iranian news agency Thursday that the Iranian military official met Iranian aircraft on an American aircraft carrier in the region.

Warnings mutualThe Iranian military rejected warnings from Washington and close the Strait of Hormuz, and said that Washington could not dictate what you do on Tehran, adding that Iran would respond to threats.
The commander of the Iranian Navy Habibollah Sayyari Monitoring of U.S. aircraft carrier forces appear to be able to oversee the entire region and monitor the movements of foreign forces accurately.
The Ministry of Defense confirmed Tuesday that the closure of the Strait - through which about a third of the world's oil carried by tankers - is "not permitted".
Has called on France - which is leading a campaign within the European Union to tighten sanctions on Iran - Tehran to abide by international law and allow freedom of navigation.
Plans and EU foreign ministers discuss possible ban on Iranian oil at a meeting on January 30 next.
On Thursday, Prime Minister of Italy Mario Monti said that his country supports a ban on Iranian oil exports, which are the source of funding for nuclear and missile programs of Tehran.
The experts have questioned the ability of Iran to impose a long-term blockade of the straits, and even see some of them they need sea lane like any oil producer.
They note that any naval force of Iran is not comparable to its counterpart U.S. military spokesman confirmed that the name of Washington's confidence in its ability to ensure that the military has met with "our commitments to our friends and partners and the international community."
But some experts see, however, that Iran has the means (including mines and missiles) enough to obstruct the navigation across the Straits.
Also finds that some of them - even if Tehran did not close the Strait - "This war of words Vszbb instability in oil prices, and this is beneficial to Iran," according to Caitlin Talmadzi professor at George Washington University.
The warnings came against the backdrop of growing controversy over Iran's nuclear program, which fears the expansion of sanctions, after speaking to a report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last month for serious concern about the program, which Tehran insists Slmath, says Western capitals is a cover for making atomic bombs.

Source: Agencies

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