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Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike
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Atef Douglas - Nablus
Continue the captive Sheikh Khader Adnan leader of Islamic Jihad hunger strike for the tenth consecutive day because of the "investigation and the harsh treatment of the guards," he said of the island, his wife, known as Umm Jihad, Randa Abdel-Rahman.
She said that her husband was taken from the first day of his arrest - ten days ago at the hands of a special force in his home village of Araba in the Jenin in the northern West Bank - to the interrogation center Jalamah in the north of occupied Palestine in 1948 where it does not bring with him on the back of his political affiliation or any other reason , was issued in his right to indictment, but went to him and his family, obscene language, and the smell in the divine presence and insulting religion, "what he called the hunger strike and the talk."
She confirmed that her husband's lawyer told them Badharabh, having tried in the center of the investigation the same a few days ago, where "extended his detention for seven days and put on trial in the twenty-ninth of this month."
It also stated that he was arrested more than eight times, during which he spent five years in the prisons of the occupation, most recently in 2008, where he was detained administratively for six months, in addition to three times arrested by the Palestinian security.
Punitive measuresAccording to the International Solidarity Foundation stressed that the occupation conditions of detention of Adnan, put handcuffs on his hands and feet "is left clear traces and ulcers." She said that the constant verbal abuse and insult and contempt of divine religion is prompted to enter Adnan in a hunger strike.
The Sheikh told investigators that the prisoner that he was banned from visiting his family for three months, and deprived of the receipt of funds shop prison for three months, also because of the strike.
Suffer by Sheikh Adnan Solidarity Foundation highlighted the problems of health problems in the vertebrae and pain in the colon.
Abu Ragheb also condemned the President Diack PPS practices in Jenin prison authorities in achieving the status of Jalama, and warned of the consequences of a strike Adnan "is not love death so much as a rejection of the insult."
He appealed to the interview of the island of all human rights organizations and legal follow-up question Adnan, and stand on his suffering as a result of the strike.

Source: Al Jazeera
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