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The heir to the throne Libyan return home
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Newspaper The Daily Telegraph that Prince Idris al-Sanusi, or claims to be the heir to the throne, the royal al-Libi, has returned to his home country of Libya for the first time since the coup that overthrew the monarchy in the country in 1969.

She explained that the Prince Sanusi left what he described as living "spaniel" in exile inItaly, returning to Libya using a passport back to the era of monarchy during the reign of his cousin the late King Idris, adding that he landed on the soil of his homeland that have disappeared, including any aspects of science green used by Colonel Libyan lateMuammar Gaddafi.

And The Daily Telegraph pointed out that the popular revolution against Gaddafi, the Libyan flag taken from the Old Royal logo, and the country returned to the old national anthem after the fall of what it described by the tyrant.

In an interview with the newspaper, Prince Idris said that his return to his homeland after spending half his life in exile in Rome are his greatest joy, regardless of the birth of his children abroad.

Palace FamilyWhile she said that the prince return he spent his first day in Libya for a visit to the palace of the royal family - where he lived and his age at the time 12 years - pointed out that Gaddafi had previously accused the Prince of trying to assassinate him in 1991 and that Gaddafi and put it on "the list of death" since that moment.

The Prince Idris then declared the newspaper that his return does not represent any political importance, and that he will not call to restore the property in Libya, but he will spend his time visiting friends and relatives, he said, adding that he seeks to bring his children to see the home, and that wish to participate in building a democratic civil society in the country.
As to the form of the political future in Libya, Prince explained that he would abide by any thing of his choice of the Libyan people, and that all that weighing on his mind is in Libya's return to freedom after decades of rule, which he described Balastbdada.
While the newspaper said it was not the Prince of return from a place in Libya resort, explained that the Old Royal Palace became government property, and that he does not intend to seek to restore it, and he spent his first night in a hotel, accompanied by his daughter, Princess Alia and his son, Prince Khaled.

The Prince Idris told the newspaper that he would not meet any of the members of the current government in Libya, and that he will not play any political role in the country, and that he returned because of homesickness and no more, and that as long as the wait for the day get rid of the Libyans from the rule of tyranny.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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