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Transgender and me celebrating wedding in Cuba .. Holiday on the day of the birth of Fidel Castro
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Cell phone video surveillance solutionمتحولة جنسيا ومثلي يحتفلان بزفافهم في كوبا.. في يوم عيد مولد فيدل كاسترو

Defiance of the rain and prejudices, and reached sexually trans Wendy Aaryiba in a car exposed to the short marriages in Havana in order to marry a gay shows.
And before a crowd of reporters said "This is the most beautiful days of my life," while Bdalal began to settle the long white dress, carrying the banner of the rainbow, sitting on the seat cushion back of a car belonging to the American fifties of the last century.
Under light rain showers, and as in any wedding last, claimed dozens of invitees sprayed rice, the couple enters the palace, which took place on one of the pieces of music for the wedding.
But the majority of the guests who were political opponents and the Parkers, who numbered about one hundred who had gathered across the street in addition to the traffic jam caused by the gathering of journalists ... Things attracted to the unusual nature of the wedding.
Technically, this is not a marriage between homosexuals, as Wendy holds an identity card says it "female." And the intervention of sexually trans-old 37-year history through exhibitions of her marriage gay activist Ignacio Estrada, aged 31 years.
The celebration came to organize all the details to bring the political character, starting on the wedding .. Valspt was approved by the eighty-fifth anniversary of the birth of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.
For the couple, "score (the wedding), a new stage in Cuba" and a "gift" of Fidel Castro, who acknowledged his responsibility in the years prior to the discrimination of the right in the sixties of the last century gay sex who have been removed and placed in work camps.
A few days ago, while he was escorting his fiancee to choose a bouquet flowers in the center of Havana, said Ignacio told AFP that "it is not a challenge, but an expression of gratitude."
The Ignacio, a positive serum and activist in the fight against AIDS, that "our marriage will come anthem of freedom and the rights of the community of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people."
As for Wendy, although she sees in her wedding, "the first gay marriage in Cuba," but it says it has achieved simply "dream woman" of their own. They had abandoned their status as "Alexis" in 2007 during an operation supervised by the Center for Sex Education "Sinescs" run by Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro, Fidel's brother.
In Cuba, where they were officially since 1998, and until day 15 the process of converting sexual marriages between persons of the same sex is illegal, although the status of "Sinescs" strive to promote the law permitted.
The couple explained that their association is the result of love at first sight. Vaagnacio signed under the spell of Wendy's when he saw Through the Gate "Sinescs" on 13 May / May Two days later, invited them to dinner Antqla to live together after one week on their first meeting. The marriage came after three months. Is the "union in whole," according to Troy and Wendy.
Ignacio and do his best, explaining that "for the Tama I announced a homosexual. But with Wendy entirely different matter." Adds: "Today I do not know what I am. I am conscious of all that fond of a woman."
On the other hand, indicate that Wendy Mariela Castro, despite congratulating them but they refused to be a witness to their marriage when she learned that the husband's political opponent. Was the popular blog Ewana Sanchez and her husband witness the couple.
Prior to the wedding Ewana wrote on her blog, "Wendy and Ignacio launch of Cuba in the third millennium."

Source: French

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