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Showing posts with label Received the world's new year celebrations with more public and official speeches and promises for the future.. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Received the world's new year celebrations with more public and official speeches and promises for the future.. Show all posts


New year .. Celebrations and promises
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Welcome the new year celebrations and fireworks in several cities in the world (the island)
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Received the world's new year celebrations with more public and official speeches and promises for the future. And fireworks in several cities of the Middle East and the West to celebrate the New Year.
In Iraq, the Iraqi government announced lifting of the state curfew in the capital Baghdad for the first time since 2003 to celebrate the new year, while the promised French President Nicolas Sarkozy to bring the economy's state of inertia, also urged the Vatican religious community to the practice of "enthusiastic missionary new."
The Iraqi government announced after midnight on Saturday to the case of a curfew in the city of Baghdad for the first time since 2003 to make way for Iraqi citizens to celebrate the New Year 2012.
For the first time saw the launch of the Baghdad sky fireworks are accompanied by heavy out of Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad, in an unfamiliar landscape in this country ravaged by the attacks and explosions since 2003.
French reformsIn France, the president promised in a speech on the occasion of New Year's to find new ways to the French economy out of the deadlock in the last four months remaining before the presidential election, and also vowed not to make further cuts in public spending.
He said he was determined to agree to reforms in the January 18 meeting with the unions, that will support job creation and economic competitiveness.
Pope of the VaticanIn a sermon called for the end of the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI to rediscover the faith, and urged the religious community to exercise the "new missionary zeal" in 2012.
Benedict said the new generation who feel especially by confusion and uncertainty due to the financial crisis and the crisis of values, the Church played a pivotal role in giving meaning to their lives. He criticized the Pope's "ideological apathy" in Europe.

FireworksAnd fireworks filled the skies of the world from east to west. Has received the city of Dubai in United Arab Emirates offer a great New Year's fireworks.
And display systems on the Burj Dubai the tallest building in the world. And continued to offer a thousand people from Dubai residents and visitors to ten minutes.
It also marked the beginning of the year the British capital the new beats that time, the famous Big Ben. The ceremony of fireworks on what is known into London on the River Iiames which is one of the most important features of the city as well. The organization became a concert fireworks display waiting for the residents of London's population as other cities around the world each year.
In the German capital Berlin, hundreds of thousands of people to welcome the new year at the famous Brandenburg Gate in that city.
The mild weather has helped thousands of people out to the street with a length of two kilometers Prepare in the center of the city for the celebrations, which was established three platforms to host concerts and special fireworks.
In Sydney, received the New Year revelers in 2012 launched a large number of fireworks, and took more than 1.5 million spectators places at one of the most famous ports in the world to see the finest and most expensive fireworks in the world.
And joined the Chinese capital Beijing to the New Year celebrations for the first time the review was characterized by luxury digital lights on Temple Haven, emperors who used to pray for a good harvest.
But unlike Western cities, Beijing has not received the celebrations View only by a few thousand, and this is due to the garden surrounding the temple were not big enough.

Source: Agencies

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