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That ye see the hell fire

Sūrat al-Takāthur (Arabicسورة التكاثر‎) (Rivalry In World Increase, Competition) is the 102nd sura of the Qur'an with 8 ayat.


After the bismillah, this sura is concerned with factionalism and schism amongst people. Disagreements between individuals and groups follows us "even until you visit the tombs". Three times in a row the sura warns the reader that "you shall know" that those who sow discord are headed towards Hell. Here, proper understanding is required for entrance into Paradise, and should one not attain this on Earth, one will receive the "eye of certainty" on the Day of Judgment, when "you shall be questioned ... concerning true bliss".


1. Accumulating and multiplying [in this world] has distracted (all of) you
2. (Except) Until you visit the graveyards.
3. Surely! You are going to know.
4. Then Surely! You are going to know.
5. Surely! If you only knew the knowledge of certainty..
6. You will (undoubtedly) see the Hellfire.
7. Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.
8. Then you will surely be asked on that Day of all your worldly pleasures.

Your greed perished you . Until ye reach the graves . Won't you then understand . Nay therefor you will soon understand . Nay if you knew with clear knowledge . That ye see the hell fire . Then ye see that with clear vision . Then ye will be asked on that day regard joy .

[Quran 102:1]

"Engage (your) vying in exuberance, until ye come to the graves."
Nahj al-Balagha commentary on is quoted as:
"The genesis of the descending of this verse is that the tribes of Banu Abd al-Manaf and Banu Sahm began to boast against each other over the abundance of their wealth and the number of their tribesmen, and in order to prove they had a greater number each one began to include their dead as well, whereupon this verse was revealed to the effect that abundance of riches and majority in numbers has made you so forgetful that you count the dead also with the living. This verse is also taken to mean that abundance of riches and progeny has made you forgetful till you reached the graves, but the utterance of Amir al-mu'minin supports the first meaning."[1].

Source: Wikipedia

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