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Researchers solve genetic code of the Hawks
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Announced ten researchers are involved in the International Forum of the Abu Dhabi Falcons success in solving the genetic code of certain types of hawks, and compared the genetic material to humans.

The researchers who belong to the Institute of Biological Sciences at the University of Cardiff, the British and the Beijing Institute of Science and Genetic Department of organisms and environmental Britain, analyzes the article "DNA" to the hawks of the two types of Shaheen Falcon Free Hospital, Abu Dhabi Falcon, and reached for the sequence of the genetic of these two types.
During the meetings of the International Forum for the Hawks, which started Thursday in Al Ain, UAE with the participation of 93 international experts and scientists and specialized falconry from 75 countries, researchers presented a working paper which said that the sequence in the genetic material of the falcon more than one hundred fold and hereditary for both types of these hawks.

For uninterrupted sequences and connectors supporting tissue was four million and 28 thousand base for the Peregrine falcon, and four million and 31 thousand base for the falcon free.

The total size of the total output of the genetic material of both birds 1.2 billion base, an increase of 150 million base figure known as the Municipal chicken.

The researchers said it was compared the genetic material of hawks Btzlslat genetic material of human, chicken, municipal and zebra birds, has resulted in an explanation of the approximately 14 thousand genes for both Alsqran, and is currently analyzing the function of genes.

In comparison with the chicken, the Municipal these birds have a smaller number of sequences "DNA" frequently, and a few double sequences, which strongly suggests the structure of genetic material.

And generally have a falcon higher levels of free-Shaheen, in contrast to the genetic material.

The study concluded that the genetic material of birds of prey show their ability to withstand pressure from the weight of the most selective to be similar to those in birds that have been studied so far.

And progress through the forum of the research papers on all aspects of falcons and falconers and future plans developed by the UNESCO for the maintenance of falconry and sustainability of human heritage.
And searching the forum, the topics of "Health hawks" and "heritage of falconry," and "legal controls for the falconry trade, in terms of tenure and benefits of the preservation of falconry."

Source: DBA

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