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Washington: I have not decided yet to receive the Yemeni president
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The United States denied reports that its consent to a medical visa to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, while the city of Taiz witnessed a demonstration demanding the U.S. ambassador in Yemen to apologize and leave the country after being accused of life'swork is peaceful.

The deputy White House spokesman said officials were still studying the request for a visitto America by reason only of a treatment project, but has not made a final decision in this regard.

Official denial comes after the New York Times quoted an official in the administration did not reveal his identity for that will give a visa to enter the United States after an intense debate within the administration about the request is valid.

Washington wants - according to observers - before granting visa for ensuring a peaceful transition of power in Yemen and the elections last February, especially after thedescription of his visit to the United States in favor of "temporary exile." Away from thespotlight and cameras and allow for the unity government preparations for the electionswell.

He adds that monitors the administration's insistence that the visa is valid only for treatment failure caused by the emergence of Washington as a home and a leaderaccused of killing hundreds of demonstrators against his rule.

Demands an apologyIn the meantime, criticized the JMP's statements to the U.S. ambassador Gerald Verstaan ​​in which he described as a provocative march of life, and demanded an apology.
In the context of student demonstrators in the city of Taiz Verstaan ​​apologize and leave Yemen after being accused of life's work is peaceful, and demanded the departure of President Saleh's regime for good governance, in preparation for the trial of its symbols.

The demonstrators raised slogans calling for the dismissal of all the security leaders accused of committing acts of violence against peaceful protesters.
They appealed to the various professional groups across the country continue the revolution against what they called the leaders of government institutions who were involved in "corruption and adopted an appointment system on loyalty to Saleh."
On the other hand, demonstrated in hundreds of officers and members of the Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Defence to demand the dismissal of Yemeni President Ali Hassan guidance boy and his two deputies on the back of corruption cases.

The military police tried to contain the protest and the payment of the protesters inside the building to the moral guidance, but the protesters insisted on their sit-in outside. As protests engulfed within the defense complex in the capital Sanaa to demand dismissal of Brigadier General Director of the Defense Ministry officers, the commander of Ansi of Yemen.
This coincided with a march in Sanaa, the Yemeni government demanded the reopening of the office of Al Jazeera, and the rehabilitation of the office staff. The demonstrators also called for fast detection of those involved in the storming of the office and looted its contents.

Media center and threatened to transfer human rights solidarity activities, in the case of the continued closure of the office, to the Ministry of Information. President Saleh and carried direct responsibility for the campaign of incitement against the channel.

Source: Agencies

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