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Rise in injuries of breast cancer in France

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Silicon tainted was sold at the global level by withdrawing from the market in 2010 (French)

French health authorities said Friday it was revealed 20 of the cases of breast cancer in women with the escalation of the uproar about the scandal tainted silicon produced by one of the companies used in breast implants for more than 300 thousand women across the world.
The agency said protecting the health of consumers, the French it is recorded as of 28 December / December, the current 15 cases of breast cancer, glandular, which is the most common form of breast cancer, and one case of breast cancer, lymphoma and two cases of lymphoma other and one case of lung cancer and one case of blood cancer in women.
Raised the panic of those operations in France after a woman died (53 years) underwent silicone implants in her breasts by her is a rare tumor of the breast lymphatic system, which hit last November, in addition to the presence of eight cases of their owners suffered from cancer.
The French Ministry of Health had recommended earlier in the conduct of surgery for 30 thousand women have undergone the process of silicon implants in their breasts bad to remove that article as a precaution.

The ministry said in a statement that "the obvious risks relating to transplantation is the occurrence of ruptures in the gel, and impact of the strong irritant to the tissues of the body, which can lead to inflammation, making removal difficult."
He called French Health Minister Xavier Bertrand on Saturday to find the owner of the company accused of industrial production of silicon did not allow health authorities to use in cosmetic surgery of the breast.
The company is facing charges of using industrial silicone in some sub-standard products that are used in cosmetic surgery breast, which was sold at the global level by dragging them from the market in 2010.
The company Poly Ompelnt Protais - the third largest company in the production of silicone used in breast augmentation - the distribution of its products in more than 65 countries, especially Latin America and Europe.

Source: Agencies

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