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Overcome the problem of submarine pressure

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Technical University of Berlin invented the idea of ​​a mechanism that allows a submarine to enter the water, to overcome completely the problem of pressure.
It uses the new submarine - with a bright yellow color, which take the form combines the features of penguins and torpedo - nanotechnology in the pride of the internal length of 3.5 meters only to dive in the deep abyss.
And characterized by small size, enough to put them in a car, as it weighs 500 kg, making it relatively light.
And underwent the new submarine for several experiments in the Baltic Sea, is scheduled to test in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean off the island of Madeira next year.
Says project leader Professor Heinz Lear that "are usually accessible to the maximum pressure to bear after a few hundred meters."
But when the depth of two thousand meters below the surface of the water, must bear the submarine pressure over 600 bar in addition to extreme cold, as well as to salt water corrosion is working on making materials submarines.
Are usually submarines present mechanism with the structure of an external sealed to prevent leakage of water, and made of steel resistant to pressure, which makes them too heavy, and opened for any reform is very complicated, prompting the Technical University of Berlin to the creation of "intelligent design" of the submarine .
But the new vehicle fitted with a frame covered with a layer of titanium sponge helps to float, and all this topped with smooth external structure reduces the resistance to water immersion during the move.
And provided the submarine electric motor works lithium-ion batteries, which are designed for continuous operation for over fifty hours. It can stop the run to become the standby mode, where then settle on the seabed in preparation for the restart when you need it.
It can also connect to a computer from the surface the submarine at a depth of five thousand meters in duplex driving mechanism.

Source: German

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