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The most important events of 2011 in the field of technology

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In 2011
 saw the launch of a range of versions of the most prominent technology around the world add to acquisitions changed the map of technology companies and businessesaround the world

Ipad2 year after the launch of the sweep of the hardware market iPad tablet device 1, the company launched Apple iPad device 2, which was equipped with a front camera and other background, in addition to a processor twice as fast
إطلاق ipad2
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Iphone4s launch Apple surprised everyone to declare the iPhone S4, where everyone was expected to announce his stead iphone 5, where a device similar to iPhone 4 completely, but with a faster processor and a camera more clearly
إطلاق iphone 4s
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The death of Steve Jobs, just a day after launch iphone 4s, died of Steve Jobs, founder andCEO of Apple
وفاة ستيف جوبز
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HP stopped a Touch Bad: After less than two months of the launch of the Touch Bada, which the company wants to compete with iPad device, it was decided that the end deviceand the Bad Touch has also stopped operating system (webOS), which had invested a lot
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Microsoft Acquires Skype: After the emergence of rumors that Facebook intended to buySkype, Microsoft was quick to buy a huge an amount of about $ 8 billion. And this deal isthe largest in the history of Microsoft
مايكروسوفت تستحوذ على سكايب
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Penetrate Naturk Playstation Network: is the largest penetration experienced by a large company such as Sony, where managed a group of computer hackers to access the PlayStation Network Naturk, and theft of personal information relating to all 77 million users,including e-mail and password. Forcing Sony to stop the service for about 23 days, andafter the return of the network to work the company offered to players set free games as compensation for the drop
اختراق شبكة البلاستيشن نيتورك
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Google Acquires Motorola: In a move to eye-catching, Google acquired the factory mobile devices, "Motorola" about $ 12 billion. She said that what he called Google to acquireMotorola's patent is owned by. Which would assist in judicial confrontations between them and both Microsoft and Apple
جوجل تستحوذ على موتورولا
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Launch a test version of Windows 8 for developers: Microsoft has introduced in a huge conference for developers beta version of Windows 8, which is expected in 2012. And themost distinguishing feature of Windows 8 is the exclusion of the desktop interface and replace it (Metro) located in the Windows Phone 7
طرح نسخة جديدة من ويندوز 8 للمطورين
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Nintendo announces a new game for your Wii successor may not be news in itselfsurprising, since the expectations that Nintendo will launch a new device, after a decline insales Alewyllachaabaa market, but Nintendo (as usual) has provided the design is totally different from its predecessor. Where the remote control device called the new (U Wii) on the touch screen the size of 6 inches. The motion sensor, and a camera. Perhaps one of the most exciting features is the ability to play the device without the television, where video can be seen on the screen of the controller: Nintendo announces a new game for your Wiisuccessor
نينتيندو تعلن جهاز ألعاب جديد خلفا لجهاز الوي
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