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Queen of England rented a garden for Ross
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Evening Standard newspaper revealed that Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has taken the unprecedented step of its decision to hire a field in the garden of Kensington Palace in central London to the Russians during the Olympics to London to raise money.
The newspaper said that the park will be used to host the events leading to the top Russian athletes participating in the London Olympics, such as tennis star Maria Sharapova, and the promotion of the Winter Olympics of 2014 in the Russian city of Sochi.
She added that the documents submitted to the municipality of Kensington and Chelsea showed that Allen Reed, Treasurer Queen signed a contract with the Russian billionaire businessman Sergei Kolosov in August / August on the use of field Perks Field, north of Kensington Palace.
The newspaper pointed out that the field is usually used for shooting and football fields and the site of landing a helicopter Queen Elizabeth II, was leased in the context of a move to support the income of the Queen after the decision of the coalition government, the integration of allowances granted by them to cover their official duties, and the costs of travel and maintenance of the palaces in the grant of sovereign and one as of April / next April.
The newspaper quoted a spokesman for Buckingham Palace, the Queen's official residence in London, saying that the rental field Perks Field, is a way to manage the budget for the grant of sovereign and add a new source of income to the Queen over the next three years.

Source: UPI

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