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French Black Muslim prisoners ignored by Government

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Chico deposited prison multinational forces under the number in Boca IQZ 000812 3 (French)

Haytham Manna

Papa Chico landing Daakaba French citizen by all means legal, constitutional obligations, as in France, European and international, but his problem because he is black and Muslim.

Instead of trafficking of children from Darfur considered the occupation of Iraq Chicoassault on the dignity of the people, and decided to learn Arabic and to go to Iraq.

Because he did not train on weapons was not he has any experience in war or in armed resistance, was arrested following a routine search operation, also said the International Red Cross for us.

It seems that the color of his skin is the motivation for inspection by an American patrol in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in November 25, 2004.

France was then still believes that the occupation of Iraq an illegal operation and was not working and take the risk of unforeseeable consequences, so the investigation washarshly with Chico and deposited in the prison of the multinational forces in Boca, and Ifigure IQZ 0008123.

French Red Cross notified the family of the detainee Papa Chico landing in Paris that U.S. forces had arrested her son and correspondence took place between parents and son.
With the arrival of President Nicolas Sarkozy and his foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, very human, Chico became the roots of terrorism and the sources of evil, and was forgotten by the French government.
Then the U.S. forces to hand over the prisoner Chico to Iraqi forces on 28 May / May 2006, which put him under Fort Suse (a former military barracks built by the Russians near the city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan), was presented to the Iraqi Criminal Court on September 10 / September 2006.
Judicial chaosThe tribunal was set right from the Khursheed Ahmed as the president and the membership of the two judges Adnan Mohammad Hadi and eloquent Hamdi ruled.
The court sentenced him to prison for five years and one month calculated from the date of May 28 / May 2006, the crime of illegal entry of Iraqi territory.
The court rejected the Iraqi criminal record information to enter the detainee the right to the territory of Iraq and the date of his arrest by U.S. forces, despite all the evidence and correspondence of the prisoner with his family in clear violation of the basic rules of fair trial, and considered the date of receipt of the Iraqi security it is the date of entry into Iraqi territory in the falsification of the facts.
On February 5, 2009 issued a deputy chief prosecutor decision to veto the previous ruling and request a re-trial.
On June 18, 2009 the Criminal Court issued a second decision of Kirkuk, the temporary imprisonment of seven years with Moqovih counted for 28 May / May 2006 and transported after the end of the sentence, a decision capable of being discriminated against.
In this period, the prisoner's father died, Chico and his mother became ill did not succeed in moving the sisters, "Mr. humanitarian" in the external file busy does not mean much Shalit is a French Muslim of Senegalese origin went to Iraq.
Is still a prisoner suffering from the chaos of the Iraqi judiciary and Mzajith to record what he wants of the data and the period of detention and the absence of what he wants, and if the detainee has not been a prisoner in Iraq in a prison for American forces were considered the United Nations on the entry of Mr. Chico Papa endings occupied Iraq.
The French Security arrested a number of returnees from Iraq and arrived to judge some of them to prison for seven years.
The policy of Mr. Sarkozy since he was in the internal need to persuade the Muslim youth in France that going to conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq has a heavy price.

But before a special case for a number of grievances and occurred against a French citizen: torture and inhuman and shameful, deliberate abolition of calculating the period of detention, and more than one trial raises the details of laughter more than call for respect, and forget the prison decided to Chico to break it before the 29-day hunger strike to deathin prison in Iraqi Kurdistan, however, have not yet succeeded in making the French press attention to this citizen.
How can a citizen of the French black skinned Muslim religion it is convinced that like any other citizen? How could he forget how Sarkozy went to bring the workers in the Zoe's Ark Assembly of Chad's capital N'Djamena, who were sentenced to the crime of theft of children, while not interested in even the right to Chico in correspondence with the natural family or a visit from the French Consul in Erbil?
Whatever the crime of Chico, has pushed the price remained the price of moral paid by France, through the silence of human rights organizations which, and the silence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and discrimination in the pinnacle of power between black and white, between the Muslim and non-Muslims, and those who volunteer to serve the Israeli army is considering the need resistance to U.S. occupation.

Source: Al Jazeera

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