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The destruction of half a billion trees in Texas

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إزالة الغطاء النباتي عن طريق الحرق تسبب في تدمير آلاف الهكتارات
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According to estimates of the Forestry Commission of Texas that the severe drought thatravaged over the past year destroyed about half a billion trees.

The Reuters news agency quoted Chairman of the Department for Protection of Forests inthe Borel Caraway that Texas has seen an unprecedented drought accompanied by high winds and record temperatures, and that these circumstances combined have had asevere impact on the trees across the state.

He added that the state lost between 100 and 500 million trees, and this figure does not include trees that were destroyed in forest fires that destroyed the nearly four million acressince the beginning of 2011.

Shows the state meteorologist John Nielsen Gammon, the period between the first ofNovember 2010 and the atheist and the thirtieth of October / October 2011 was the driestin the history of Texas.

In conjunction with the drought there was warm weather, and the Meteorological Agency said that three months from June until the end of August / August, in the Texas heat was more chapters in the history of the United States.

Source: Reuters

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