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Arrested on suspicion of attacking the Egyptian gas pipeline

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Egyptian security forces arrested a young man on suspicion of involvement in bombings that targeted this year, the pipeline that transports gas to Israel and Jordan.
She and the Middle East News Agency that the young man, an Egyptian, and has twenty years of age is one of the members of the group that attacked last July a police station in the town of El Arish, North Sinai, and blew up the pipeline.
The agency said that authorities had found files on how to make and use weapons and explosives on a laptop computer particularly suspect.
And this was the line that reflects the Sinai up to Jordan and Israel for ten bombings this year, despite the authorities announced more than once new security measures, and did not adopt any other bombings.
The attacks caused the pipeline to stop the supplies for a long time sometimes.
The desert of Sinai, a sensitive area, particularly in the security area because of tensions with some of the Bedouin tribes.
The Egyptian government said in November that it would tighten security measures along the line the installation of alarms, security patrols recruitment of Bedouin tribes in the region.
Israel imports 43% of its needs of natural gas from Egypt and produces 40% of the power of Egyptian natural gas importer.
As well as Jordan imports 80% of the needs of Egyptian gas to produce electricity.

Source: Reuters
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