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Somali pirates seize Italian ship

قرصان صومالي 
Somali pirates hijacked
 a cargo ship carrying 18 Italian navigator off the coast of Oman,officials said, ship Indians.
It was reported that the ship "Enrico Avola", which was heading to Turkey, now on its wayto the coast of Somalia.
The crew includes seven Indians, six Italian and five Ukrainians.
The incident comes at a time when Somali pirates have more obstacles to the implementation of their operations.
The latest statistics the European naval forces that the month of November saw the last 12 attempted abduction only, compared to 35 attempt during the same period last year.
Correspondents say the decline due to the increasing number of armed guards on boardships.
But still at least 200 hostages being held by Somali pirates.
The Maritime Transport Authority of India said in a statement that the vessel is hijacked, carrying a cargo of caustic soda was traveling from Iran to Turkey.
The statement added that the ship's captain told the owner that they are now headed to thecoast of Somalia and there were no reports of casualties among the crew.
The statement pointed out that 43 Indian mariners, were on board the various ships, were kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Source: BBC Arabic

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