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Seven killed in Texas shooting

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Police found the U.S. state of Texas on the bodies of seven people inside the apartment in one of the areas of Dallas, has had all been shot during the initiating Holiday GiftsChristmas.

Police in the town of Grapevine that killed four women and three men, believed to be the culprit among the dead.

Police said they believe that all seven were shot, and added that he found two handguns at the scene of the crime. The police are searching for the relationship between the victims.

Police found - that responded to a distress call from the same address in the late hours ofSunday morning - the bodies in the living room in the buildings of Lincoln's Vineyardestate.

He said that a police emergency services received a call without speaking a "There wasan open line, no one says anything."

Police said the dead were apparently open Holiday Gifts Birth when the attack occurred, noting that there is no indication to break into the apartment by force.

She said two of the dead in the sixties of age, while others were young men between the ages of 18 and 20 years ago, the authorities did not announce the identities of those killedor the motive behind the crime.

A number of nearby residents that they had not heard evidence of an altercation orviolence led to the crime.

Source: Al-Jazeera
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