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It will be the topic sections as follows: -

What site and what features videobb

How to register and work directly link sites and submit them Allish Holograms remote Ablod
+ A total of Allish sites and locations to bring movies and TV
+ Publishing sites

How to Publish Publishing sites Showing videos

How to organize your work

Important tips for all beginners

We begin with God's blessing

About the first, very simple site videobb

Is a site to watch and download videos
The website will give you a fee for in 10,000 watch videos
This is a very simple
Site calculates the profit for each viewer and is not necessary to reach the watch for 10,000 Views

System profits Site
Registration link location

Now we come to explain the operation of the website the image
Add caption

After registration, we come to explain the location

You will find this tape on top (we will explain important ones)

Now explain how to take the link and turn it into a direct link sites and how it is raised Allish Holograms remote Ablod

We go to one of the sources

And choose from a series

And copy the URL from a link, let us assume pre-final (Mega Ablod)

Go to one of the sites follow the following Allish
Very Important Note

When you press the
Transload file

Will open a page that contains the declaration, do not shut it down and sealed it will stop the process of converting the link

After completion of the conversion process you will see as follows
Then copy the link to go to the site Ablod
You will see the following

Do not forget that you have selected the highest Remote Ablod

Wait a while and you will notice that the video has been lifted
Go to

my video
And you will find that the video had been

So you can lift
Pressure on the

Video URL and copy and published by sites publishing

Now published in the way publishing sites


You prefer to record in publishing .. Some sites allow you to publish without registration, butin preference to show the links to the members

First we go to one of the sites publishing Suppose site

You will notice in the Supreme

After writing the name of the series or film I have written a series you will see the following

After the implementation of the previous link will be published

Explain another site for the dissemination of sitcoms or movies

After clicking on the title of the section you want to add video

Will open another page you will find out
Click on it you'll see a small window

Note some sites write to you
Submit Links
They function like Add Links .... different expression but the way one

Now, with some sites Allish

The best site Bray

This is another group

Foreign sources

The best is the first site

French sources

Foreign publishing sites

French publishing sites

How to organize your work

The first thing you decide to publish what sites you are French or foreign, or both together

Display of course I'm in foreign locations with clear explanations of science are publishing in the French sites

But I'm convinced something is one thing which you know the better Stay
Because when you post something you do not know the others had expected the problemas some sites

Registration has closed due to ignorance of the laws of another site unfortunately happens a lot because of the

Arabs in most cases and therefore you hurt your knowledge Default + was given a bad reputation to the Arabs

Second, systems of your favorite Make it in any organized groups Allish sites in one file and foreign publishing sites in a single file

So that access to sites very easily

Beginner's tips for each

Do not use the site to publish the things that bring you bad deeds

Any problems you experience in the language does not make it a difficult thing you go to Google translator and translated

Floor and thus benefited word you may need in one day

Guanyin is necessary to read the sites that published them even failed to conduct to stop your membership

And sometimes not stop you from IP will lose a final site brings you crazy sometimes Views

I am personally more times the videos were published 11 Video

And now I am in less than two weeks, I have $ 4 and I am absolutely convinced, including Publish

Patience is the most important thing you are sitting, do not expect a man to a man and a win from the Internet every single activity

You tried to be a race to publish all that is new as far as possible you are not alone in this world

 Register at the site from here and thank you

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