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Wikileaks founder may be accused of spying

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Assange already faced charges of sexual harassment (Reuters)

Times of London reported that the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange may face new charges of spying is in the United States, after U.S. prosecutors revealed evidence forwhat he described as the clear Assange in the theft of hundreds of thousands of secretmilitary documents.

The lawyers concerned with the issue of the American soldier Bradley Manning, records from the chat took place on the web to prove that Assange was training the youngManning, on how to break passwords for access to a computer network belonging to theU.S. Army without the appearance of the user's identity.

The records of Internet chat evidence first revealed by the U.S. government, which may prove to be the founder of Wikileaks play an active role in helping the American soldier in order to reach hundreds of thousands of documents classified military from one of theunderground facilities in Iraq, thus exposing Manning to criminal charges States Nations.
The newspaper pointed out that the U.S. Department of Justice opened last year a joint investigation with the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) in criminal proceedings against a possible Assange, and that a federal grand jury heard evidence in closed session to one of the military courts in order to determine whether it is sufficient to bring the founder ofWikileaks to of justice.

Military courts
The lawyers Assange They said that the evidence was presented to a military court last Thursday, could form the basis to establish a case against the founder of Wikileaks,explained Jennifer Robinson, a lawyer for the founder of Wikileaks, the evidence gives a clear indication that the U.S. government intends to prosecute Assange and possiblyprosecute others involved in the case.


The American soldier Mannia (24 years), faces charges along with 21 others on treasonand conspiring with the enemy to carry the death penalty, although prosecutors claimed the American public that he wants only to the accused sentenced to life imprisonment.

Source: Times

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