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Facebook improves privacy actions

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 a thorough review of systems, the social networking site Facebook said the IrishData Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes said the company has agreed to enter morethan a dozen improvements to privacy be completed within six months.

It is noteworthy that an investigation began in October / November after a series ofirregularities in the handling of personal data Facebook, including allegations that the sitecreates the "personal files formal" for the people who were not members.

Irish, but organizers found that in a time when the site already collects data on non-usersfor security purposes it is not used in another way does not create personal files formality.

For his part, welcomed the director of public policy for Facebook, the outcome of the investigation and said that the organizers found that "the way we use the data is consistent with how we say we will use the data and the issues raised were not based on substance."
Investigators revealed that the data collected from non-users of Facebook are deletedafter ten days.

Organizers also achieved in the use of Facebook to technology to identify facial featuresthat encourage users to identify friends in the pictures, and found a flaw in the way ofprogress, but said she did not like to breach the Data Protection Act.

Facebook has agreed to provide users with more of the notifications for the propertyidentified on the face to give them the opportunity to choose not to participate as part of the changes that will mean more alerts privacy through the site.

This would also make it easier for users to know what information is held by Facebookfrom them and will provide conditions clearer and better mechanism for users to give consent to use personal data to them by a third party and will give users more control over what, if added to the groups by friends.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook was forced to apologize last month to review and approval of regulations by the organizers of Americans who said the allegations Privacy Policy was "unfair and deceptive and violated federal law."

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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