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Thousands of British soldiers living on the streets
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Image by Center for Jewish History, NYC via Flickr

Lives of thousands of British soldiers - including soldiers just returning from service in Afghanistan - in the streets after the demobilization of the army, according to an investigation published Friday in Britain, conducted by the newspaper "The Sun" British.
The inquiry found that there is an army of soldiers, "displaced persons" living in huts and near railway lines and some using military skills to live in the woods.
The investigation that up to one third of displaced persons in Britain who suffer to face the bitter winter nights Maybe they are former soldiers, in which he disclosed at the time revealed that the British Ministry of Defence has eight thousand empty apartment, which is spending 54 million pounds sterling annually.
The soldiers displaced to all sections of the British army, including a former soldier who served in the cavalry and was discharged last year after being shot five times in Afghanistan by Taliban fighters.
The investigation indicated that this soldier is now struggling to get medical help for symptoms of post-traumatic stress suffered by them, have ended up in a house for the homeless where thieves stole the medals won by the courage with which to sell for scrap.
Quoted, "Sun" for leading the former British special forces Hemes Ken - who runs a charity to help ex-soldiers to build their homes - saying that the number of ex-soldiers who sleep in the open is shocking.

Source: UPI

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