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Israel prevents the travel of thousands of Palestinians

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European human rights report noted that the Israeli authorities have been implemented since the beginning of 2011 about four thousand cases a travel ban against the citizens ofthe West Bank Karama border crossing linking the Palestinian territories and Jordan.
Have reported a detailed report prepared by the Observatory of the Euro-MediterraneanHuman Rights titled "hopes restricted" that Israel banned the nearly four thousand people from the citizens of the West Bank from traveling through trying to cross the crossingdignity Frontier under its sovereignty, since the beginning of 2011 and until December /December, any rate of 83 cases per week to prevent.
The report pointed out that this prohibition is accompanied in two thirds of cases with the Palestinians by the Israeli authorities subject to the practices classified as "humiliating" is the exact inspection and investigation at the hands of ruthless intelligence officers, in addition to being forced to wait long hours in difficult conditions.

The report documents the various forms of certificates for them to travel Bmmnoaanpatients and women and the elderly, along with a number of journalists and political activists, students, and even the elected representatives of the Palestinian LegislativeCouncil and staff in international agencies and multinationals.

Arbitrary and narrowThe report concludes - through certificates and statistics - that the Israeli authorities deliberately to prevent the travel of thousands of Palestinians each year, without giving good reasons for this ban and without worrying humanitarian situations resulting from that, putting these practices in the context of abuse and harassment is unwarranted.
The attention of the Observatory, in his report, that Israel's continued violation of the right of Palestinians to travel and movement result in the occurrence set of flagrant violations of the charters and covenants of human rights committed by the international community and signed by Israel, because the restriction of the right of movement leads to violations of basic civil rights again, such as the right treatment, education, work and travel to meet with parents and perform religious rituals.
The other hand, the report warns human rights from the exploitation of intelligence Israel the urgent needs of those wishing to travel, and Baptzazhm swaps allow them to cross against the security cooperation with them, or by pushing them to sign under duress documents rob their right to return to the Palestinian Territories again.
Blatant discriminationThe Observatory Euro-Mediterranean it is about what you put Israel's arbitrary restrictions to the right of the Palestinian citizens in the "departure to and from any country including his own freedom, and return to it whenever he wants," as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and confirm all the covenants human rights, they in turn allows for the Jewish population to move in designated areas for the movement of Palestinians without restrictions, in the form of pointing to a policy of blatant discrimination against the backdrop of a national of Israel.
The report concludes with a recommendation brought to the international community and human rights organizations to the UN to carry out their roles towards the maintenance of the right of Palestinians to travel and movement to and from the Palestinian territories, including the legal liability on the violation of this right and direct pressure on the Israeli authorities to implement their obligations under international law and stop the policy of isolation and abuse of practice against the Palestinians .
Source: Al Jazeera

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