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Lady Gaga singing earned $ 90 million this year

ليدي جاجا ربحت من الغناء 90 مليون دولار هذا العام

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A survey posted on the Forbes website that Lady Gaga is better than competitors in singing and in 2011 topped the list for most of them profitable and profits estimated at about $ 90 million.
And made her song "I was born this way" Born This Way profit increased to twice what his committee as soon rival the pop singer Taylor Swift and the countryside and that wasthanks to a daily sales for tour tickets Lady Gaga music was up to $ 1.3 million.
The Swift has hit earnings about $ 45 million from her album "Speak Now" and the line for the production of perfume and other agreements and came in third place singer Kate Perry"teen dream", which earned $ 44 million

Source: Reuters

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