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«Twitter» in 2011 .. To monitor the news to the manufacture

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Since the launch of the site «twitter» mail in March 2006 did not see a way of social networking like the attention I got it this year. Bringing the number of users to 300 million users, call 250 000 000 
«Ngradh» per day vary in content from news to political views and comments from the celebrities and the public. And in 2011 became users of the site «twitter» making news through short messages as well as the transfer speed is unprecedented. Just as the media says Muna Abu Sulayman, which has 21 thousand over the observer «twitter» were selected from among the most influential Muslims in the past three years, «Twitter is a telegram of the 21st century».This «cables» face cover set and publish a lot of news during the historical past, and the Egyptian revolution was the best example of the power «twitter» in the transfer of events and draw attention of politicians and people around the world for what is happening in the country. Was «Ngredat» young Egyptian Wael Ghoneim, who became the most prominent celebrities «twitter» The number of his followers to 282 thousand through the site, read about the world and immediately pay Balnchatin in Egypt to move during the revolution, which lasted 18 days. The word «Egypt» of more words that things came to the site during this year, while the departure of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak over the news that has been addressed on the site in 2011.The news comes after Mubarak step down in the sequence of political news on the site addressed the most social news direct killing of the leader «base» Osama bin Laden in May last year. While the White House was so secretive on the news at ten-thirty at night, a number of journalists had transmitted the news 20 minutes before the official announcement via «twitter» News and announced by President Barack Obama.Developments were not only affected the Arab and b «twitter» This year, during the last summer, the website of a key player in the riots that rocked the British capital. The British Prime Minister David Cameron of the harshest critics of the users «twitter» to stir up more trouble and guide the young people participating in acts of sabotage to the hot spots.Cameron said in front of the British Parliament: «can be used for the free movement of information for the good work .. But also be used for work lost ». While the British government studied the potential restrictions on the site during periods of unrest, this idea failed with the speed and frequent eating messages through the site. It is noteworthy that page «clean up areas hit by rioting» was the most popular during that period, after the work of a number of the population of London to start a campaign to clean up areas such as Haknaa that were vandalized. The more than 40 thousand users for «twitter» re-publish a message that says: «Clean up our», and has become a slogan to respond to acts of sabotage, which demonstrated again the power of collective action through communication during the «twitter».The site has become «twitter» source of news reporters as well, since it is the journalist can not do without news and developments across the site, in addition to monitoring the official positions of the States. For example, chose the U.S. State Department to use the site «twitter» to communicate with the Arab peoples and the Iranian people during the inauguration of two pages through «twitter» This year, the first in Arabic, called «the United States in Arabic», and the second Persian called «the United States Persian». In this step has joined the U.S. State to a number of government institutions such as the Army Staff of the U.S. Joint League of Arab States and the United Nations, are all taken based over the past year «twitter» to deliver its view to the largest possible number of users «twitter» and to the media more broadly .The analyst and member of the «American Task Force on Palestine» Hussein Abeche that «(Twitter) about how to deal with activists, journalists and analysts in the exchange of information, it is impossible to give it up». He added: «This year has seen the transformation of (Twitter) to the independent means to exchange news and ideas, especially with the Arab revolutions».But here also the sockets by the number of journalists on the role of «twitter» and its users, especially in terms of making sure of the news received via the Site. The editor of Middle East affairs for the newspaper «Newsweek» The site «The Daily Beast» Christopher Dickey: «first days of the war, Libya was a turning point, he accepted the majority of journalists rely on what is being handed down through the (Twitter), so we know that governments lie, while the number of news and consistency of repeated in Tunisia and Egypt has become a correct news .. But when the situation exploded in Libya are beginning to see some news exaggerated strongly opposed to (the former Libyan leader Muammar) Gaddafi .. When journalists entered Tripoli seen to what extent there were exaggerations by the opposition ». He added: «We lost a lot of confidence in news through social media, and this case is still with us», pointing out that the exaggerations and the inability to check the news through «twitter» can not be ignored. He noted also that «speed (Twitter) in the news means it is difficult to retrieve the news that proves it wrong».Abu Suleiman, and explained that part of «(Twitter) and become means for the dissemination of instant news, but not to express their views, it could result in a message to 140 characters only to a lot of misunderstanding». Imposing a limit for each message the site usually leads to the pressure information to the extent that it may limit its usefulness, but with the rapid pace of news becomes a shortcut, a necessity.The site «twitter» itself the focus of the news media with the approach of the end of the year when the site announced that Prince Walid bin Talal has invested $ 300 million in the parent company's «twitter», which indicates that the «twitter» will increase growth and impact in the coming years.

Source: London: Middle East

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