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Argentine President had cancer
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Presidential spokesman announced on Tuesday that Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, thyroid cancer, but the disease did not spread beyond the lobe on the right side of the gland and will be subject to surgery on the fourth of January next.
Said Alfredo Skusemaro The disease was discovered in a regular medical check-ups on December 22 / December which is in its infancy.
The spokesman stressed that the disease is limited, noting that private tests conducted yesterday and proved that the lymph nodes did not spread the disease. He also said that President Kirchner (58 years) will remain in the hospital 72 hours and will spend the recovery period for 20 days.
And will assume the presidency at that time Vice-President Amadou Bodo, who took office recently.
President Kirchner will continue to operate as usual and will attend several events on Wednesday as planned.
According to the website of the U.S. National Institute of Health, this type of cancer can recover it with the continuation of more than 95% of patients alive at least ten years after its discovery.
The President Kirchner is the last South American leaders who discover they have cancer.Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff all underwent treatment for cancer recently.

Source: Agencies
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