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Algeria refused to hand over Gaddafi's family

A composite picture of the Sons of Gaddafi left to right: Mohammed and Aisha Hannibal (Jazeera)

The Algerian government has decided not to extradite the Libyan family of the murdered Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya or any other country, she will not negotiate on their situation only with the United Nations, according to the newspaper Le Soir d'Algerie Algeria, citing an unnamed source familiar with.
The newspaper said, quoting a source that Algeria does not intend at all to the delivery of family-Gaddafi of Libya or the other. The source pointed out that "Algeria has accepted to receive members of the Gaddafi family for humanitarian reasons only, and nothing has changed in this regard, in particular, and that all the world saw how he had killed Gaddafi's brutal way last Thursday."
The source stressed that "Algeria is a sovereign and has a tradition and we can not endanger the lives of people who are under our protection at risk, it is a matter of honor."
He said that Algeria since the first day moved in the framework of legitimacy through the report to the Secretary General of the United Nations and UN Security Council and the Transitional National Assembly to receive the Libyan Qadhafi family. The source said that Gaddafi's family is now in the establishment of confidentiality and under strict protection.
This position comes in response to demand in the Executive Office of the President of the Transitional National Assembly, Mahmoud Jibril, Algeria, Libya handed over Gaddafi's family.
Algeria has received on August 29 / August Gaddafi's wife Safiya and his daughter, Aisha, and his two sons Mohammed and Hannibal with their children.

Source: UPI

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