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Chicago sit-in arrests and resolution of Sydney

Semi-permanent clashes between police and supporters of the demonstrations, "occupied the Wall Street" (Reuters - Archive)

Police said the American in Chicago they had arrested about 130 protesters, belonging to the movement of "occupied the Chicago" after went to a garden city, in solidarity with the movement of "occupied Wall Street," as police broke up a camp set up by the Australiananti-capitalist activists in the city of Sydney, Australia.

Explain Robert Perez of the city's police, that about 1,500 demonstrators gathered in the garden of Grant Park, which was summoned by the police to warn them and notify them to leave the place or being arrested for violating a resolution setting a date for closure ofmunicipal park in the eleventh hour.

The response of most of the demonstrators with police instructions, but a small groupdecided to stay They were arrested.

Peres said "I did not get a big problem, have cooperated most of the demonstrators who were arrested."

In parallel, the Australian police early Sunday dispersed camp set up by anti-capitalistactivists near the Central Bank of Australia in Sydney.

And occupies the activists of the "occupied the Wall Street" since 17 September /September Square in the financial district in New York, to condemn the excessescommitted by the economists of the world and growing inequality.

Source: French

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