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Referred 67 of the State Security Court in Egypt

Forty of the defendants have precedents (Al Jazeera)
And approved by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Counselor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud referred 76 people to the Supreme State Security Court on charges related to an emergency attack on the Saudi Embassy in Cairo and the Giza Security Directorate nearby.
The news agency said the Middle East, he said a former police officer accused of living abroad named Omar Afifi, although the charge against him is the incitement to violence, which was sent to the Saudi embassy and the Giza Security Directorate.
On several occasions called for a page on Facebook under the name Omar Afifi protesters attacked military bases and government buildings in Egyptian cities.
Attributed to the prosecution and the other defendants in the case of interest to all assembly and the use of force and violence with public officials and the infringement of the officers and members of the police and try to occupy the Giza Security Directorate building by force and destruction of public property and the deliberate destruction of private funds to implement what it called a terrorist purpose.
The agency said it turned out that among the 40 indicted defendants have precedents in the indictment and criminal cases registered by the threat to the existence of three accused of events.
CaseAnd the demolition of hundreds of angry protesters on 9 September / September before the wall was a prestigious apartment building overlooking the Cairo Nile includes the Israeli embassy and broke into an apartment belonging to the Embassy of the papers and threw them in the air.
Later, protesters tried to storm the Saudi embassy nearby and they set fire to police cars near the Giza Security Directorate.
And killed three people were shot dead in clashes between protesters and troops from the civilian police and military police.
And killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds of others in the work of political and sectarian violence since the overthrow of former President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising last February after a 30-year rule.
And the courts of the Supreme State Security Emergency courts are the exceptional work of the emergency law which demands that Egyptian activists and politicians to stop work.

Source:  Reuters

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