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Video: the arrest of one of the gunmen who stormed the University Fullerton California


U.S. sergeant trial issue of "modern"

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Sergeant Wuterich (right) up the court accompanied by a defense team (French)
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Began at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, the U.S. trial the U.S. Marine Corps sergeant Frank Wuterich accused of causing the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in 2005, one of the worst abuses in the U.S. military in Iraq since the invasion in 2003.
Prosecutors said at the opening of the court-martial yesterday that Sergeant Wuterich, 31, gave orders exaggerated to his unit died in the body of a companion torn by a roadside bomb in Haditha in November 2009, to send after that his men to hunt down "insurgents" in some houses a modern village , and falls dead a 24 civilian casualties, including ten women and children killed by gun shot in the head.
Prosecutors and clips from a meeting of the American television program Wuterich in 2007 when Roy how he ordered his men as they break into the first house that the "shoot first and ask questions later."
He said Wuterich - who had no military experience field - he did not appreciate that it is necessary to stop the shooting for the presence of women and children in the first broke into the house, which killed six people.
But defense lawyer Haytham Faraj said that the modern village was "rife" in 2005 as "rebels," and that his client's intention "was to perform the task entrusted to him," and sought his innocence from the jury.
And includes the jury that will decide the fate of Wuterich four officers and four recruits, all of whom served in Iraq.
Payment and Wuterich pleaded not guilty to nine charges related to intentional murder and other charges, including professional negligence.
If convicted at trial - the month-long - it has ruled on the Wuterich of 150 years in prison, but in the meantime is still a free man exercise his normal military practice.
He was acquitted of seven guys and Wuterich in the same case in different trials.

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Source: French

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New arrests of protesters in America

Protesters camped in several U.S. cities, yards (French - Archive)

U.S. police arrested earlier on Friday in San Diego, California, more than sixty activists of the "occupied the Wall Street" and evacuated camps were staging a sit-in whichsupporters of the movement.

He said city police spokesman David Stafford said police arrested 51 people who werestaging a protest in front of the municipality of San Diego three weeks ago, and arrested11 others in a nearby park.

The movement began, "occupied the Wall Street" since the September / September lastcontinuous protests in several U.S. cities against what it calls "the greed of big business,"and calls the movement for social justice, she says, very few controlled the wealth ofAmericans.

The process of evacuation of the protesters in San Diego after three days of clashesbetween police and activists of the movement itself in Oakland near San Francisco,wounding one person seriously injured.

And San Diego police confirmed they had received in the past three weeks, "severalcomplaints" about the camp, condemning the "conditions of poor sanitation and the spread of the drug and the accumulation of waste."

Supporters of "occupied the Wall Street" are preparing for protests winter (French - Archive)

Ready for the winterIn the meantime, reports that supporters of "occupied the Wall Street" in the entire United States are preparing for winter conditions, where they began collecting - through donations - clothes, blankets and mattresses appropriate to sit in the cold season.

The activists also seeks to provide a mobile and a small family tents suitable for winter, which amount to which the degrees of temperature in some cities very low levels.

And different ways to deal with U.S. authorities to the protests of "occupied the Wall Street", where allowed to vary between Hamas militants sit and protest, and the prevention and disperse the sit-ins by force and arrest militants.

Fmdh example, New York Michael Bloomberg said Friday that the protesters at Memorial Park in the city center where they can stay as much as they please as long as they respect the law, adding that the responsibility of maintaining the safety of protesters and protect their rights.

However, police intervened against the protesters in several cities, including Oakland, California, Atlanta and San Diego and Nashville, Tennessee, and these interventions have resulted in the injury and the arrest of hundreds of activists.

In the past week alone has been arrested 39 activists in Nashville, and was released later, in San Diego yesterday arrested more than sixty people, and one hundred protesters were arrested in Auckland earlier.

Source: Agencies


Sacrifice herself to save her baby

Risk crossing the road at the time the train passed through the mother claimed the lives of (European)
Woman died from the city of Riverside, California, U.S. on Saturday night which is struggling to push her baby daughter of a vehicle crossing over the train when the train bumped Mar, while the child escaped miraculously from death.
The officials said the city's police that a woman of 33 years and her name was Susan Depen pay her child on the sidewalk along the street one evening when the seventh.While they approached a railway line began safety barrier rail down, announcing the approaching train.
Depen and tried to precede the next train to cross. And saw the driver and the train engineer of women struggling to move a cart girl by the railway lines were suspended, and fired the train whistle and tried to pull the train brakes but was unable to stop the right time.
The Los Angeles Times that the first time that the vehicle was suspended liberated mother and child continued in transit. But then commented that the vehicle rail again and tried to edit Depen again. In the end, was able to remove the vehicle and push her baby out of the path of the train, but the time is not adequate to save herself and died on the spot.
And the intervention did not suffer much as the child was injured and was handed over to her grandmother after he was transferred to City Hospital to ensure safety.
The passenger train's 60 people were transported by bus to the desired places.
According to the grandmother that her granddaughter was a child her only daughter and was very sympathetic and talented photographer and sells flowers.
For its part, said police should have been the mother should not endanger the lives of her baby at risk from the beginning.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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