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Renewed demonstrations in Yemen

By the demonstration of anti-Saleh in Sanaa (Reuters - Archive)
Renewed demonstrations in the Yemeni capital Sanaa and other Yemeni cities, where demonstrations were held to express support for President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Yemeni government, and other anti-adherence to the expression of his escalation of the peaceful overthrow the revolutionary regime and its symbols trial.
Systems and pro-regime after Friday prayers in Sanaa and the Yemeni cities rhetorical festivals and marches under the banner of "Fri read the name of your Lord who created", in reference to the expression of rejection stop educational institutions - especially the University of Sanaa - for the study because of the protest sit-ins and tents erected.
And led sit-ins protest inhibited the start of the current academic year on September 17 / September last, although the college stopped since the beginning of the second chapter of the last academic year.
A counter-demonstrationIn turn flowed into the crowds of mass anti-regime to the benefit of the capital Sana'a since the morning to organize protest demonstrations in conjunction with similar demonstrations in a number of squares in the cities of the provinces expression of the need to overthrow the regime.
The protesters demanded the international community to lift the lid on the ruling regime in Yemen, and the lack of any judicial immunity to him after the transfer of power.
The sources of formal political and media have confirmed that at least three people were killed Thursday in clashes erupted between forces loyal to President and Yemeni militants belonging to the tribal leader Sadiq Red shy of measles, Soufan.
Source: Agencies

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