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French left to find their candidate for the presidency

Leader of the Socialists, who will compete Sarkozy (Reuters - Archive)
Said the Los Angeles Times that the French Socialists finally succeeded in choosing their candidate to return to the Elysee after 17 years.
The newspaper said that the selection of Francois Hollande (57 years) - nicknamed "Monsieur Normal" or "Mr. Normal" - I mean, the success of the Socialists in the appointment of a competitor's beleaguered President Nicolas Sarkozy.
The paper quoted Holland as saying that he understands the gravity of the task and his quest to unite the French left to return to power after about 17 years. "I want to revive the dream of the French."
The newspaper pointed out that President Sarkozy was suffering from low approval ratings according to the latest opinion polls, as only 30% of the respondents criticized the performance of 63%.
Analysts and explains the slight rise in the popularity of Sarkozy to its role in the overthrow Gaddafi.
The newspaper quoted Martine Aubry (61 years) as saying after losing to Holland to compete for the presidency of the Socialist Party, "Francois Hollande is our candidate and is now a dream of the socialists and the left."
To May / May, the eve of the scandal, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was not one expected the arrival of Aubrey or Holland to compete at the top of the Socialist Party.
The newspaper said that Holland also known as the "quiet man" was not seen as a contestant in the presidential party.
She added that despite the return of Strauss-Kahn of New York after his acquittal, his political reputation in the gutter, which paved the way for other candidates to race for leadership of the Socialist Party.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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