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Israel "Chitun" Arab spring

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Israel considered that Egypt's Revolution, "the Sunni version of Islamic Republic of Iran."(Al-Jazeera Forum - Archive)
Address for Alnaami researcher in a recent study issued by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, based in Doha-based, to fears that Israeli circles trying to promote intimidation of the Islamists, who rose after the revelations of recent mobility witnessed by the Arab countries.
The researcher in the study of "Israel and the scarecrow of the Islamists in the wake of revolutions of the Arab" to the ruling establishment in Israel and the elites associated embarked on questioning the nature of revolutions democratization in the Arab world and warn the world of Malatha, claiming it would lead to the domination of the Islamic movements on the reins of power in the States Arabic.
He pointed out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's work to raise the concerns of the world through his warning of a repeat of experiments show special sensitivity towards the West, particularly the experience of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which was launched a protest movement against the Shah's regime and ended with the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Did not fail to warn that Egypt is waiting for a similar fate in the event of the rise of the Islamists to power as the product of the revolution.
Not only did Netanyahu warned of the dangers of the arrival of the Islamists to power, but he tried to give the impression that he was keen on the emergence of current "democratic" a competitor to them, and called for the establishment of an international fund to support the opponents of the Islamists in the Arab world, who he called "minded liberalism", comparing this plan plan, "Marshall" carried out by the United States in the aftermath of World War II to support the Western Europe. Netanyahu has been sent Eran Lerman, assistant national security adviser to the United States to discuss this proposal with the leaders of the U.S. Congress.

Fears of cloningHe adds Alnaami that in its quest to "demonize" revolutions democratization in the Arab world, pitting the world it, tracked the elite Israeli impact of Netanyahu, and was keen to call Mtlazmte Iran and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and suggest that the world is on a date with the repetition of these experiments.
There are those who consider that what happened in Egypt, "a coup and not a revolution," because these events will end with the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood to power, and they will be residing in Egypt, "the Sunni version of the Islamic Republic in Iran." They stressed that Egypt does not have any inclination towards democratization and freedoms, but just the opposite.
He also warned Yossi Beilin of the delivery of the world to transfer the reins of the Islamists in the wake of revolutions of the Arab was "irresponsible", claiming that U.S. President Barack Obama returned to the "wrong" itself, which occurred when former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who "abandoned" for the Shah, which ultimately led not only to the fall of imperial rule in Tehran, but also a radical change in the whole region.
Contradiction in the attitudesAnd stresses the researcher that the public positions that attempt to incite world revolution Arabic by creating a scarecrow Islamists, we find that Israeli officials appear to be in closed rooms comfortable for the Hamas takeover of the reins of power in the Gaza Strip, with the knowledge that they are in the public continue to call to overthrow the rule of the movement.
The researcher points out that there is a lot of obvious indicator that shows that Israel was keen to raise the alarm from across the Arab revolutions warning of the rise of the Islamists, is an expression of the bitterness of the loss of Israel's "advantages" dictatorships that were linked in the Arab world.
In the context of its emphasis on his view, indicates the researcher to be one of the most prominent manifestations of skepticism in the revolutions of the Arab was the concern at the Israeli ruling elites associated with the description of revolutions democratization in the Arab world "coup" (Hvijah), not revolution (Mhfajah) has become widespread in the pressIsraeli articles, titled "coup, not revolution."
And reach for Alnaami in his study that Israel realized that revolutions democratization that is sweeping the Arab world represent the end stage of the conflict with the Arabs.
Aware of the ruling elite in Israel that these revolutions have overturned a lot of Muslim women, which represented perspectives of Israeli policy towards the Arab world, prompting them to fight the Arab revolutions in Malatha through questioning, and did not find a better way to hire a scarecrow of the Islamic movements.

Source: Al Jazeera

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