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Population growth threatens the earth's resources

Analysts said that the earth's resources which suffer from now with seven billion people in the world, will face the pressure is unbearable when the number will increase to nine billionby 2050 as expected, considering that a revolution in energy use, water and land is the only one that could allow to avoid the disaster.

On 31 October / October will exceed the current world population is officially the threshold of seven billion people, an increase of two billion people in less than 25 years.

May stabilize the world population of nine billion or ten billion, or up to 15 billion people, according to the evolution of the situation in developing countries that register the highest growth rate at present demographic.

With the increase in the number of the world's population is under fresh water resources, soil, seas and forests to great pressure.

If the current pace, it should be the availability of another planet by the year 2030 to meet the needs and absorb the waste of our planet, according to calculations Network "GlobalNetwork Votbrant" (to GFT).

The head of the network Gakirnagal Katas "our economies are now facing the reality ofour spending for many years more than allowed by our means, from the dramatic rise in the prices of food commodities to the harmful effects of climate change."

Rio +20 ConferenceFrench diplomat confirms Brice Lalonde, a coordinator of the next UN Conference on Sustainable Development in June, "Rio +20" (Twenty years after the Earth Summit in 1992) by saying, "in 2030 with an additional billion people on the ground, it will be the question: how to ensure food security and provide basic services to the additional one billion poor people without the need for more energy, water and land. "
He adds: Conference "Rio +20" will be dedicated to discuss ways to establish sustainable cities and the promotion of renewable energy resources and better use of water and management of the oceans in a sustainable manner and to make agriculture more productive without excessive use of chemical pesticides.
However, the defenders of sustainable development are considered to act at the level of fertility rates allows to keep the world's population up to eight billion people, with the help of poor countries at the same out of their poverty, and reduce pressure on natural resources and arming the human better to counter the effects of climate change.
Some experts believe that the key can be in control of births, while the Catholic Church and other religious groups opposed to the absolute opposition.
The director of the American Research Center and the Woodrow Wilson Somalia is actually an example of the effects of the human cost in a country that enjoyed by women in any way to prevent pregnancy.
And is expected to increase the number of the Somali population that live on the impact of civil war for years, ten million people with an average seven children per woman, up to 22.6 million by 2050. A third of the children of this country from acute malnutrition for a long time, according to UNICEF.
Economists think that the solution in the corresponding first pass through the lower levels of poverty and improve education especially among women.

Source: French

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