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Looking conditions of the Security Council Yemen

UN Security Council at a previous meeting (French)

A Western diplomat said the UN Security Council of the United Nations will adopt the end of this week or early next week a draft resolution condemning Britain of violence in Yemen.In the meantime, a delegation from the Yemeni opposition visit to Russia to persuade them to condemn the regime in any UN resolution.

The draft resolution calls on President Ali Abdullah Saleh or his representative to fulfill his commitment on the signature and immediate implementation of the settlement approved by the Initiative for the transfer of power, already proposed by the GCC, in order to achievea peaceful transition of power and without delay.

The draft resolution condemns what he described as human rights violations and acts ofviolence and the use of excessive force by the Yemeni authorities, and calls foraccountability of those responsible and regrets the killing of hundreds of civilians, and callson all parties to renounce violence.

And killed at least 861 persons and wounded 25 people since demonstrations began to drop the claim, stating as a message to the youth movement of Yemen sent at the beginning of this month to the United Nations.

Win over RussiaIn the meantime, he invited a delegation from the Yemeni opposition to visit Russia is the Russian leadership to adopt a positive attitude towards the draft resolution currently expected in the UN Security Council.
The news agency quoted the Russian news Yemeni delegation confirmed in extensive discussions took place on Wednesday at the Institute of Oriental Studies Russian peaceful revolution of Yemen, and the determination of the popular forces and party to continue the popular movement until the bow of President Saleh of Yemen to the demands of the street.
She said it was reviewing the situation in Yemen, and the impasse that has stuck with him for power and refusal to implement the initiative Gulf.
The delegation was composed of leading figures in the opposition Yemen arrived in Moscow on Tuesday, comprising the Secretary-General of the Yemeni Socialist Party, Yassin Noman, the Secretary-General of the Islah (reform) Abdul-Wahab al-Ansi, and former Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Basendwah leader of the Alliance of the joint meeting.
Numan and focused discussions on the importance of Russia's role, pointing to what he called a great balance to Russia in the Arab world and called for the need to preserve it, and pointed to the radical change that has occurred in the region, through what has become known as the Arab spring.
For his part, Basendwah the importance of the Russian position in the Security Council, and called on Russia to support the resolution presented to the Council is expected soon, and expressed his conviction that the Russian position will be similar to what it was when discussing the verdict against Syria.
He explained that the draft resolution stems from the Yemeni initiative endorsed by the Gulf of Russia, and Russia's permanent representative in the Security Council Vitaly Churkin had stressed in the initial discussions on the need to include any decision to be issued in Yemeni affairs items and clear calls to step down in favor.

Kerman Ban Ki-moon delivered a message calling for decisive action against the benefit(French)

Move Kerman
In New York, joined the active Yemeni assigned Kerman winning the Nobel Peace PrizeTuesday to protest outside the headquarters of the United Nations to demand thedeparture of the benefit.

Kerman said in a speech at the rally, "We came today to say that Ali Abdullah Saleh and (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad are criminals and must be chased."

"There are people being killed every day because they called for democracy and justice."She explained that "these regimes pose a threat to international security".

And requested delegated Kerman - which played a leading role in the protest movement - from the UN Security Council to go to Yemen. She said, "If you can go to Yemen to seewhat is going on with your own eyes and the blood which flows in the living conditions ofany of the Yemeni people." She added that "the Yemeni people is subject to collective punishment."

Kerman and plans to deliver a message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon later saying that "it is essential that the international community takeimmediate and decisive action to stop the massacres and their perpetrators accountable."

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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