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The Washington Times: Is Obama will attack Iran?

Saw the Washington Times, America's right-leaning Pavtaatahitha that the disclosure of an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir has provided many reasons to talk about the U.S. war against Iran.

Turning to the proposals of Obama early in his presidency to extend a hand of friendship to Iran if the latter when the real desire, but the paper considers that containment of Iran requires more than just speeches to the American president.

The Washington Times goes on to explain its point of view, and says that he soon proved that the state of Iran's refusal to provide it Walid friendship that Obama has proved that it is not, as portrayed by some as an Iranian anger of former U.S. President George W. Bush.Also showed suppression of the Iranian regime to the summer of 2009 the popular protests that the current Iranian regime is illegal.

As evidenced by the rejection of "the mullahs' regime" in Tehran for cooperation in the case of the Iranian nuclear issue they are not indifferent to the option of disarmament in the world, announced by Obama.

In the view of the newspaper that Iran represents a strategic challenge difficult. Iran is a country located in the heart of the Middle East, and is estimated to possess a global third largest oil reserves. But governed by an authoritarian regime that seeks to extend its dominance at the regional level and international level. This system also is one of the most powerful regimes that sponsor terrorism.

Then review the activities of Iran against the U.S. forces operating abroad such as Iraq and Afghanistan and aid to militias are killing American soldiers, and says that it is painful to see the reaction of Obama's alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to come stronger than the reaction to the killing of Iran to American soldiers, and stamped Balthecm Obama says: If the alleged plot failed is the price movement of Obama towards Iran seriously, so be it!

Source: The Washington Times

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