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Pressure medications affect brain development in newborns

Scientists in the United States that the drugs given to newborn babies to help stabilizetheir blood pressure may damage the brain.

According to a study conducted by U.S. researchers reported on 170 children fromnewborn results published Thursday in the journal "Science Tranclishnal Medicine"Medical, the size of the brains of children who were treated with hormones activated brain volume smaller than their peers who were not given these drugs.

It is not clear according to scientists whether this affects children later.

Commenting on the results of this study, the Director of the Charité Hospital newborn infants in the German capital Berlin, Christoph Borer, that such drugs are not given to children in Germany until after the budget for the extensive dangers and pluses.

Researchers at the University of California under the supervision of Stephen Miller of the study after being recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics in 2010 not to give babies a property Dicksamithon - which belongs to the stimulant medications - in large doses, but the Assembly has not made recommendations on other drugs are classified under these hormones activated, due to lack of clarity of the science behind thedrugs.

Source: DBA

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