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Gaddafi .. They are the end of leadership

Qaddafi fascinated by the illusion of leadership lived (French - Archive)

Presented Colonel Muammar Gaddafi for his theatrical background, which lasted 42 years were full of bloody repression, but in the end he could not stand up to a popular uprising designed to topple him, backed by air power to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
When the protests began in mid-February last hundreds of protesters fell, and with the progress of Qaddafi's troops toward Benghazi known for the warning to the opposition and that he will deal with no mercy and pity and Sitardhm "Rue Rue Dar Dar."
And probably marked the end of these words, days after the UN Security Council approved a resolution clearing the way for an air campaign waged by NATO suspended its air force, tanks and heavy artillery.
The raids also targeted the headquarters of its leaders in Tripoli and the strike killed his youngest son and three grandchildren, This is not the first time you kill one of the West family Gaddafi.
Gaddafi and disappeared after he fled from Tripoli last month, when troops captured the opposition to the Libyan capital, and some said they believed that the man who was living in a tent Kalpdo fled to the desert vast and free in the south of Libya.
But figures from the National Transition Council announced Thursday the death of the man who ruled the country, from wounds suffered when rebel forces captured the city of Sirte, his hometown and the last stronghold of fighters loyal to the old system.
ObstinacyAnd blamed Gaddafi - in a televised speech earlier this year in response to the insurgency - blamed the unrest on "rats and mercenaries have fallen under the influence of Osama bin Laden and the influence of drugs."
There have been weeks of speculation that Gaddafi was killed or wounded in air strikes launched by the Alliance, but carefully prepared for the scenes of television appearances in response to the rumors.
He scoffed at Gaddafi in May / May last of the NATO alliance, saying that the bombers could not find it, he said in an audio recording, "I say to the cowards Crusaders I am in a place where you can access it."

DeterminationWhile the leaders of the two neighboring surrendered (Tunisia and Egypt) quickly in the face of popular uprisings, Qaddafi launched a bloody war and challenged NATO and the Libyan fighters quickly took control of half of the country.
He said in one of his broadcast that he would not leave the land of Libya, it will die a "martyr", and did not hold Gaddafi, who is one of the oldest leaders of the world's official position and became known as the Brother Leader and Leader of the Revolution.
But when his hour has arrived on its weapons against the protesters and sent his army to "clean Benghazi", prompting the Western powers and NATO to begin bombing campaign allowed opposition forces ousted later.
The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Gaddafi and his son, Seif al-Islam and former intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi on charges of crimes against humanity over the planning for the violent repression of the uprising that began in the east.
RoleIn line with the stages enjoy the wonder Gaddafi made his appeal at least initially support in many quarters among ordinary Libyans and earned him his willingness to challenge the Western powers and Israel in words a distinctive character for some people in other Arab countries felt that their leaders surrender.
And occupied Gaddafi during his reign, which lasted 42 years a prominent place in the west gallery of personalities of international rogue, while the grip on his country rid of the opposition, and refused to appoint a deputy successor.
Gaddafi and achieved a successful rapprochement with the West to abandon its program to produce weapons of mass destruction, ending the sanctions against him, but he could not escape from the D-popular revolutions sweeping the Arab world.
And fought in order to have influence in Africa, and the highest bid for the countries neighboring the poorest of the vast oil wealth of the country, and described himself as "king of kings of Africa."

Source: Reuters

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