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Internationalist approach to the removal of the weapons Gaddafi

Stockpiles of weapons in Libya had been looted (Reuters - Archive)

Diplomats at the United Nations said yesterday that the Security Council may make a decision today on the project, which calls for the transitional authorities in Libya to take action to get rid of the huge stockpiles of weapons collected by the late Libyan ColonelMuammar Gaddafi.

And Russia submitted a draft resolution urging the new Libyan authorities to take "all necessary steps to prevent the spread of all weapons and related materials of all kinds."

The Council considered the draft resolution on Thursday calling for Tripoli to protect themissiles land - air Carried on the shoulder and ammunition and all kinds of weapons.

The draft resolution also warns that the missiles land - atmosphere "could support terrorist activities, including the activities of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb."

According to the draft resolution should be on Tripoli to cooperate closely with theOrganization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, "in order to destroy their stockpiles of chemical weapons."

The President of the United Nations Mission to Libya Ian Martin warned the Security Council last Wednesday of the looting of the huge stockpiles of rockets during the conflictthat took place between the rebels and the forces of Gaddafi.
He added that the air strikes launched by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) destroyed thousands of rockets, but many of them looted, along with some ammunition and mines.
He pointed out that the Qaddafi regime's largest collection of well known stocks of missiles, pointing out that there is a need for international organizations immediately searched hundreds of sites suspected weapons caches.
Martin said before the Security Council in New York that "large quantities of stocks of ammunition and unexploded ordinance after the Sirte and Bani Walid need immediate attention."
He also pointed out that it was storing weapons in hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods in the capital, Tripoli, after being carried by Qaddafi's troops there to avoid NATO air raids.
The commander of the joint air operations Marshal British Suart Bish on Thursday that his country is determined to prevent the missing weapons from stockpiles Muammar Gaddafi from falling into the wrong hands.
He pointed out that the United Kingdom stands together with experts from the United States and the Interim Authority in Libya in the search for missiles and other weapons left behind by the Qadhafi regime.
The UK government said earlier this week that a team of British experts to help deal with the issue of surface - atmosphere and small arms that have disappeared from stockpiles of weapons.
It is believed that Libya had owned about 20 thousand of these missiles in its arsenal before the revolution, which began in March / March.
There are strong fears that thousands of them became lost, and can end up in the hands of "terrorists."
Source: Agencies

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