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Obama's popularity collapse

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Recorded the popularity of President Barack Obama - nearly a year before the organization of the U.S. presidential election - the lowest rates, according to opinion pollspublished on Friday, Gallup.

The results showed support of 41% of those surveyed between July 20 and 19 October /November for the first Democratic president, in a fall of six points compared with the results of the previous quarter.

According to Gallup, this ratio is the second weakest result recorded by the U.S. presidentduring the 11-quarter of his term, after the record of former President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) was the lowest rate of 31%.

He described the Institute specializes in the level of satisfaction polls of American voterson the political administration in the country as a "historic in the minimization," asserting that the economy and employment are the most prominent concerns of Americans.

The candidate to the primaries in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney the favorite to win the primaries and the face of Obama in the presidential election on the sixth of November 2012, according to a study prepared by the CNN and the Institute or RCI International, and published their results last Tuesday.

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