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Gaddafi and the bloody end

The New York Times that the bloody end of Gaddafi is the worst between the end of the previous rulers who were killed before him since January last year.
The newspaper quoted a professor of history at the University of Michigan, Juan Cole, saying that Alqmafah was like a sect, fanatical behavior and determination to fight to the death.
The newspaper said that Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was the first president to have to leave office due to public pressure in January, one of the chosen exile to Saudi Arabia, and the day did not hear his voice.
The Hosni Mubarak chose to step down and face justice, and all mention it now is lying on the bed in the dock and most of his defense is based on confirmation that the patient does not bear the humiliation of facing trial.
The newspaper said one of the dictators Arabs remaining there Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Ali Abdullah Saleh, who still insist on holding power, has tried to Assad to make concessions faded quickly ignored and abandoned any intentions of reconciliation, and continued his security suppressed, killing three thousand demonstrators, at least, but the benefit was almost give up power, but he survived the attempt to blow up and received treatment in Saudi Arabia.
The newspaper said it was not clear which lesson - if present - can benefit from it, one in the killing of al-Qadhafi.
She added that many expected the Gaddafi continued fighting in years, said director of the Middle East program at the International Crisis Group, Rob Malley "He thought that people could find it in Niger at the border or who comes and goes."
The newspaper pointed out that death in Islam for a just cause makes the martyr dead, but the scholars of Al-Azhar Mosque anticipated the possible emergence of Gaddafi in this picture and this month issued a fatwa that control does not deserve this honor. But it is certain that members of his family and loyal martyr will see it.
She also pointed to the date of the rule of Gaddafi said that it was black so people will not forget the details easily after seeing the way his death, which quoted a law professor at the University of Cairo Mohamed coarse saying, "I think that the history of Gaddafi's black so it deprives him of any honor, despite the way that killed them."
The newspaper said that the streets of Cairo, Tripoli and other Arab cities witnessed the celebration of his death, and filled the pages of Facebook and Twitter comments cheerful disposition thereof, with a few comments Ttasv not receiving a fair trial.
It quoted a commentary by a member of the Kuwaiti Parliament, Walid Tabtabai yet Ptoatr "Ben Ali fled, prison Mubarak, Saleh burned and killed Gaddafi, I wonder about the dark fate that awaits Bashar."
The newspaper added that there are questions about whether the killing Gaddafi will urge the lion and the use of repression in favor of a more or pushing them to retreat. It quoted an expert on Libyan Youssef Assad as saying, "For Arab autocrats, make sure that they use repression cause a similar reaction and plywood, and they can not hold down long."

Source: New York Times

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