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Killed in Sanaa on the eve of the Security Council

Of an opposition demonstration in Sanaa on Thursday (French)

  Were a number of dead and wounded in clashes in the capital of Yemen between forces loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and other anti him, as he prepares the UN Security Council to hold a hearing looking the file of the crisis in Yemen.

The sources said an official political and media that at least three people were killedThursday in clashes erupted between forces loyal to President and Yemeni militantsbelonging to the tribal leader Sadiq red.

The news agency UPI reported witnesses heard the sound of explosions and exchanges of fire in the regions of measles, Soufan Sanaa.

Yemen's Interior
The Yemeni Interior Ministry announced on Thursday evening, injuring three civilians inSanaa after the bombing affected them followers of tribal leader Sadiq Sheikh of Sheikhs of the Red tribe rally in different parts of the neighborhood, measles, Soufan.

While the agency quoted for a notables tribes of Yemen confirmed that the dead and one of the supporters of the Red killed in the clashes that erupted district Soufan and the intersection of bustard in the Street Mazda, as well as wounding twenty, pointing out that the clashes took place between the followers of the red and the Republican Guard'sAhmed Ali Abdullah Saleh's son President of Yemen.

The source and witnesses said neighborhoods near the headquarters of the First Armored Division, led by dissident General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar is under heavy artillery fire, while the band threatened to bomb the presidential house, if continued rocket bombardment, which is the most violent since two months.
On the other hand, a Yemeni official source announced on Thursday that pumping oil through a pipeline of crude oil the main route to the port of Ras Isa on the Red Sea has completely stopped after three long blasts mentioned line during the past two weeks.

Security CouncilThe clashes came on the eve of the UN Security Council which will vote Friday on a resolution drafted by Britain on Yemen condemned the government crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators, and demands accountability for the violence and violations of human rights.
Western diplomats said the Security Council to vote at the meeting will be scheduled for three o'clock in the afternoon local time for the city of New York (1900 GMT), expressing the hope that the draft resolution approved unanimously.
The draft resolution was submitted after the Council received the report of the envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations to Yemen Jamal bin Omar two weeks ago, is expected to include an explicit invitation of the Council's decision to President Saleh to step down at the Gulf initiative.

Regime and the oppositionFor his part, Assistant Secretary General of the GPC Ahmed Obaid bin degrees - at a news conference in Sanaa on Thursday - said his country looks forward to the Security Council resolution concerning the situation which serves to maintain its unity, security and stability, and takes into account the social situation there.
He added that Yemen's degree Ben looks forward to a balanced resolution of the Security Council in order to preserve its unity, security, stability and social peace, which, as the Security Council is fully aware of what is happening on the Yemeni arena.
And the guarantees demanded by President Saleh on Wednesday from the Gulf States and the United States and the EU countries on the implementation of the initiative Gulf, said Ben degree that those guarantees come within the scope of the initiative the Gulf and in the interest of the nation and its security and stability, to prevent any qualifiers or accounts harm Yemen and its unity.
The United States has opposed giving the president the benefit of the guarantees demanded by the signing of the Gulf initiative and get out safely from the current crisis, said a spokesman for the Department of State Mark Toner said Washington does not believe there is a need to provide this kind of guarantees.
Source: Agencies

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